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RAID: Shadow Legends – List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, one that you have likely seen plenty of ads for on Facebook. You have all kinds of stuff to do in this game, from actual raids to PvE and PvP modes.

Read on for a list of promo codes and how to find more of them in RAID: Shadow Legends!

According to sources, you can redeem these codes by going to the account dashboard menu. Once you get there, go to the account settings and you will see an option to redeem a code. Enter the codes and you will be able to exchange it for prizes.

This might only work on the Android platform, though. To do this on the iOS platform, bind your account, then play this game on an Android emulator or on someone else’s Android device and login to your account. Redeem the codes, then go back to your iOS device and enjoy the benefits.

You can use as many individual codes as you want on each account; however, you can only use each code one time per account. Use as many different codes as you can find!

One of the best places to start looking for codes is on the official social media channels for the game. Facebook, specifically, tends to have a lot of codes, simply due to the amount of heads run by the developers, as well as due to the amount of engagement by players. Look through the posts and pictures on the account, and see if any codes have been posted.

Look at other social media channels, too. Twitter and Instagram, as well as others, may have codes posted that are not posted on Facebook or anywhere else. Look through all of the feeds, not just one, so that you can get the most codes possible. Be sure to also check newer or foreign social media channels, such as VK, the Chinese social media channels, and TikTok.

Look on the official Subreddit for the game as well, because this is where players tend to post when they want to talk about the game. This includes players asking about codes, and players who have codes. If you have any codes that you don’t see share to hear, then be sure to share them as well.

Twitch and YouTube are also great sources for codes. Look for any videos posted by streamers and content creators that advertise codes, or advertise free prizes. Streamers and content creators tend to get codes before anybody else does, so you might be able to find codes early there. They get exclusive codes in order to advertise the game, as well as to advertise new content on their own channels, making it a win-win situation.

Go to the review page on whatever App Store you download the game from, then look through the reviews from newest to oldest. Often, players will post any codes that they have as part of a review, so if you find a new code in a review, then try it out in the game. If you have a working code that you don’t see posted in the review, then be sure to post it yourself.

You can also check the review page for whatever App Store you didn’t download it from, simply by opening said App Store in your browser. You can look at all the reviews that you want for codes; the only thing that you cannot be less post a review of your own for a platform that you don’t use.

Discord is another great source for codes, because this is where players chat in real time about the game. Use the app search bar and type in the word “codes“ to see if any chat messages have been sent that contain some. Weed out all of the messages were players ask for codes, and look for any messages where players are actually sharing codes.

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For any of the above sources that have a comment section, go to the comment section and look for codes that have been posted in comments by any other players. The most likely places that you can find codes this way our YouTube and Reddit; however, Facebook and other sources where comments exist are also a good bet.

So far, these are the codes that have been released for RAID: Shadow Legends:









Be sure to keep checking back here, because as we check our sources and find more codes, we will continue to add them to this article! Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can check back periodically.


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