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Scratch Magic: Lottery Scratch – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Scratch Magic: Lottery Scratch is a new scratcher simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to scratch tickets, try to get three in a row, and then claim the prize that is shown on the ticket. You can do this and watch the money add up.

The advertisements for this game claim that you can win money in real life, but is that a possibility? Read on to find out if this game is a scam or legit!

The method of playing this game is very simple. All that you do is use your fingers to scratch the scratch your card that appears on the screen. Scratch all of the symbols to see what you have won.

Once you finish scratching all of the symbols and have gotten rid of all of the gray stuff, you will move onto the next card. When the next card comes, you can do the same thing. You will either win cash, a pair of scissors which gets you another card, or nothing at all.

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There is a second cash price for when you finish scratching at one series of cards. After you get this prize, you will unlock the next series of cards, which is worth even more cash when you finish.

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Will this game actually pay you? One factor to consider is how quickly the earnings pile up. In this game, the earnings tend to pile up rather quickly. It’s not uncommon to reach the $100 minimum cash out point within an hour or two after downloading the game.

Is this a good sign? No, this is actually a bad sign. There is no way that the developer would be able to stay solvent if they were paying $100, $200, or whatever other amount of cash to every player that earned it, especially as quickly as it comes in this game.

One unusual quirk about this game, as well, is that the earnings do not slow down as you get closer to the minimum threshold. Typically, this is considered a good sign among mobile games that claim that you can earn real cash, but that doesn’t tell the entire story or automatically prove that the game is legitimate.

The best way to find out if this game is the real deal is to go to the reviews in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Search through the reviews in order to see what other players have already said about the game, and whether or not they have been able to cash out.

If you go to the review section, you will find that many players have reached the cashing out point, sometimes very quickly, and many five star reviews are written by players who have done so and have hit the cash out button. Scroll a little deeper, though, and things tend to get problematic.

The reason for this is contained within the one star reviews. Many players hit the point of cashing out and then attempt to do so, only for massive delays that never end to prevent them from getting the money. Even worse, many players have attempted to contact the developer via email, only to find out that the email address is no longer in service.

Another common scam that many players have noticed is that when they enter their PayPal address, the game will automatically change it by one. That means that no matter what address you put in, it will end up being wrong, giving the developer an excuse never to give you your money.

As of right now, we have been able to find no evidence of any player that has actually been able to cash out. As such, it is looking like Scratch Magic: Lottery Scratch is not the real deal and is not going to pay. It is simply just another scratcher game, and the cash that you earn in this game means just as little as the coins that you earn in Super Mario Bros; the only value is within the game itself, and you will not be able to cash out.