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Sky Force Reloaded – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Sky Force Reloaded is a new bullet-hell shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. This sequel to Sky Force 2014 starts you off with a lightly-armored plane with very little firepower, and gradually you build up your cache of stars, add more armor and weaponry, and make your way through tougher and tougher levels, beating bosses and rescuing people. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Force Reloaded!

Early on in the first level, and in future levels after you unlock them, focus on shooting down as many ships as possible and collecting the stars that fall out, but after a weapon upgrade or two, focus on longevity and the stars will take care of themselves. Focus on avoiding getting shot above all else in order to get as far as you possibly can. Then kill the boss and you can open up the next level.

In addition to collecting stars, collect all of the firing rate upgrades (the little silver diamonds) that you see. Each one increases the firing rate by only a little bit, but collect a bunch of them and you will end up adding up a huge firing rate upgrade by the end of the level, which helps massively when trying to kill tougher enemies or large and numerous rows of planes.

Head over to the in-app purchase store even if you have zero intent of spending any real-life money on this game. One of the additional options is to watch ads and get gifts. Gifts will typically include such goodies as free stars. The free gifts reload after three hours, and while you can’t time cheat them, you can set push notifications in order to collect them as soon as they are ready.

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Go back through each level to take care of all of your goals for extra bonuses. It’s nearly impossible to take care of every single goal at once, though, so go back through and tackle one goal at a time per play-through. Just make sure to survive to the end because if you don’t beat the boss, you will not be credited with completing the goal, no matter how much of it you completed.

If you are running a bit low on life, attack tanks as soon as you see them. Most of them will spit out hearts, and when you pick up a heart, some of your health is restored. If you restore your health to full and then finish the level without losing any more health, you will be credited with the “stay untouched” goal.