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Slingshot Rush – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Slingshot Rush is the newest endless game by BoomBit, one of the top makers of simple, easy-yet-tough games on the App Store. Your goal in this game is to get as far as you can by slingshotting off of the walls and around corners, scoring as many points as possible. You can collect gems/diamonds and unlock all sorts of new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Slingshot Rush!

If you tap, you will automatically latch onto the closest connection point, so if you tap rapidly rather than tap and holding, you can actually score some rather easy free points, even though it might look like you’re flying around randomly. Just make sure to hold for a split second rather than letting off immediately. This can earn you an easy free 15 points or so.

You’ll get a free gift of gems every once in a while, and the time between free gifts increases the more of them that you open. The best recourse is to set the push notifications so that you can collect them right away. In addition, go down the middle of the track for the best shot at earning gems because they tend to pop up in the middle right next to a corner. You’ll have to time it right to do this.

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You can earn new characters by spending 150 gems at the gacha and unlocking a random one. They will not change the gameplay in any way whatsoever, they will just change the look of your character and give you a new method of customization in the game. Considering that each free prize gives you 100 gems, that means you can earn plenty of them rather quickly. If you aren’t happy with the ones that you got and you want fast free prizes still, delete the game before connecting to Facebook, and then reinstall it to begin from the beginning.

You can still connect to Facebook though, if you have friends who play the game and you want to play against them and compete for high scores. In addition, go to the various other high score menus to see how you stack up against others from your country or all around the world.

Anytime that you want to earn more gems, go into the game but instead of focusing on a high score, focus on collecting the gems, without much of a thought as to what your score is. The restarts happen so quickly that it doesn’t matter what your score is, as long as you continue to move down the middle of the turns and collect lines of gems.