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Tactile Wars: How to get free coins and prisms

Tactile Wars is an innovative new MMO strategy action game that breaks from the typical Clash of Clans and Game of War modes to create something else entirely. There are two types of currency in this game. Coins are the primary currency of this game, and prisms are the premium currency, the one which normally costs real life money to buy, but also can be found for free. Read on to find out how to get more coins and prisms in Tactile Wars!

Battles might not seem good for that many coins at first, but how well you do in a battle determines how many coins you earn. If you just get a C score or some other crap score, you’ll only get about 2-5 coins. You’ll get 10-15 if you get an A in battle, and even more if you get an S in a battle, which is certainly tough to do.

The easiest way to get more coins, and the quickest, is to watch the propaganda videos. Click the icon that looks like a large military tent (the store icon) and then go to the propaganda area and you’ll view a free advertisement video. Once the video is over, you’ll get a whopping 50 coins in exchange for watching it. That makes this the most effective way to earn coins.

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You can earn coins and prisms for free also by completing various missions in the tab that looks like a trophy. Hit the three different tabs for defense missions, attack missions, and level-up missions to see what you have left to unlock. If a number appears next to one of them, then that means that you have an unlocked achievement to collect a prize for.

In addition to those, you have daily achievements. These are unlocked once you hit level 6. These tend to be a little bit more time consuming than the regular achievements, but once you unlock them you will earn FAR more coins or prisms in exchange for doing so. These refresh every day so once you finish with one set, come back the next day for the next set.

As you gain levels (often which are brought on by completing daily achievements, which can earn a ton of experience points), you’ll unlock more ways to earn coins which can be unlocked via the skill menu. Once you hit level 9, your strategic positions will also earn you coins. You’ll also be able to evolve your territory and add strategic positions. Later on you’ll unlock the ability to expand your territory, which will greatly increase the amount of gold you can earn.