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Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy is a new puzzle RPG for the Android and iOS platforms. The story is that you’ve been recruited by Dominika to help slay monsters, but there’s not much story – just a whole lot of match-three combat, tons of dungeons and loads of characters and weapons that can be unlocked. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy!

This game takes place in a match-three setting but unlike others of its genre, it’s speed-based rather than turn-based. Attack as quickly as you can so that you can rattle off as many attacks as possible before you get hit. Start at the top and work your way down so that you don’t disturb combos that you see down toward the bottom.

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Emeralds are the premium currency of the game while gold is the main currency of the game. Emeralds can be used to buy chests that contain rare goodies. Save them up, purchase most of what you need with the gold, and then fill in the blanks with emerald chests. For example, if your weapon is your weak spot, purchase a weapons chest.

Need some more coins, and are stuck on a level? Go back to one of the old stages that you have already beaten and play it again. Either that, or go to the elite version of one of the old levels if you are far enough into the game to be able to beat it. The elite versions are a hell of a lot tougher to beat than the standard ones, but are going to give you far better rewards for doing so.

Connect to Facebook if you want to invite your friends into the game. Plus, you will get ten free emeralds as a reward for doing so. If you want to add friends in other ways, then you can add them directly by their friend codes. If you want an add, then post your friend code somewhere such as the reviews section of the App Store or the comment section of this article, in order to get people to see it.

Spells can make the difference between winning and losing a tough battle. Make sure to use your unlock points wisely. Keep an eye on when a spell becomes available in battle. Once the color is filled in on the spell icon, that means that you can tap it to use it.