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Tap Titans 2: Tricks and Cheats Guide – Tips and Strategies to Beat Bosses and Get Rich

Tap Titans 2 is the surprise sequel to the original smash-hit clicker RPG by Game Hive Studios. This game contains much of the same that made the original great, with a heaping helping of new elements such as pet collection and an increased challenge factor. Your goal here is to collect gold coins, artifacts, pets, weapons and more, going from level to level and making it as far as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Titans 2!

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In the first game, you could do the time lapse cheat as often as you wanted and set the time ahead in order to earn offline gold instantly. In this game, if you set the time ahead by more than a few hours, the game will catch you and block your account until you set the time back to normal. Then you won’t be able to collect gold for the amount of time that you cheated off of the game. And you need to be fast to collect your cheated gold if the game catches you. If this happens, restart the game without changing the time on your phone. Rapidly tap where the offline gold button appears while the game starts up. If you can catch it in time, you’ll collect your illicit gold before the “blocked account” popup occurs.

If you are penalized and you still want to earn gold, set your phone or tablet so that the screen never sleeps, plug it in so that the battery doesn’t die, and then leave the game active while your device is plugged in. Leave a boss battle so that it endlessly keeps fighting against normal enemies, and then set the device down and let it collect gold for you.

Compared to the first game, there is a lot more incentive to level up your main hero, because your automatic heroes do almost nothing for your tapping power. If you are playing actively, your active hero is the one you should be upgrading the whole time. Or upgrade the heroes whose skills include tap damage multipliers. However, your automatic heroes work great for your offline gold earnings. They also get a DPS multiplier at level 10, and then every 20 levels after that. So there is an incentive to upgrade all of your heroes to the max level, because there is more of an even DPS increase for all of them.

You’ll get offline pet earnings just as you would get offline earnings for gold. If you get a duplicate pet, then it will level up the existing pet that matches your newly-hatched pet. Switch to Phobos (tap damage multiplier) when you are active. Switch to another passive-damage or gold multiplier pet when you are offline.

When you get to a certain point with your artifacts and relics, it will be cheaper to upgrade your existing ones than to get new ones. Pick the ones with the biggest effect (especially the most “all artifact damage” boost) and then upgrade them to boost all of the damage that your characters (active and passive) can do. Smart relic boosting can make each prestige go by a whole lot more quickly.

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