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Thor: The Dark World (iOS/Android) – how to get better armor and hammers

Thor: The Dark World is the second of the big-budget Thor games to come out on the iOS and Android platforms. You start off with The Dark World armor, which is your basic armor, and the Mjolnir, which is your basic hammer. While these are sufficient to get you through the first missions in the game, eventually, you want to upgrade to better armors and hammers. However, at the beginning of the game they all seem to be locked. Read on to find out how to unlock better armor and hammers!

Many of the different armor and hammers that are available on the game are only unlocked after you complete a certain mission. These have nothing to do with how many stars you earn in each stage. If you are trying to get as far as you can in as short a time as possible, don’t worry about getting three stars on every stage for now, unless you need to get more stars in order to unlock the world. Simply try to beat each stage first time that you play them.

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Save up your runes, because most of the new armor and hammers will be available for purchase using runes. Only buy the upgrades to your weapon, to your armor, to your ally, and to your Einherjar that you really need in order to beat the stage. Usually, if you have a good strategy, it is possible to beat pretty much every stage without loading up on upgrades.

As you complete missions, you will gradually unlock new hammers and new armor, one by one. This is where the runes come in handy. Spend your saved of rooms on the next highest armor and hammer. When it comes to your attack power and your defense, these upgrades provide far more bang for the buck than simply upgrading your existing armor or weapons.

There will be some armor and hammers that will be available to purchase using URU, which is the premium currency in the game. Normally, you have to spend money in order to get URU, but sometimes, Gameloft makes available an offer wall that will allow you to complete offers to get free URU. Plus, complete various achievements within the game, and you will earn URU as a reward.

Some of the most advanced armor and weapons will require you to complete various stages in the arena. This requires you to unlock the arena in the first place. Keep advancing through the single player missions, and eventually, when you get rather far in them, you will unlock the arena.