Free Unlimited Coins and Diamonds Cheat, No Hacks

By | 20200224 is one of the more unique of Voodoo’s iOS and Android games, pairing trivia questions with casual gaming and crowd collecting. You can bet your entire crowd on one answer to one question, or bet parts of the crowd on multiple answers to one question.

Coins are the currency that allow you to upgrade your character count, character value, and idle reward. Diamonds let you unlock new characters in the shop area.

Read on for cheats and tricks to get unlimited coins and diamonds for free in!

The main way to earn coins in this game, of course, is to bet your characters on the right answer, but earning coins can be EXTREMELY slow in the early goings of the game.

To remedy this, though, use the following trick to speed up your coin earnings significantly. Once you’ve played and the Idle Reward upgrade is open, do this.

First, go to the date and time settings on your phone. Now set the time ahead by a few hours or so, then go back to the game.

Once you do, go to the Home tab, then tap on Idle Rewards, and you will be able to collect them instantly. You won’t have to wait for idle time to pass; it will be simulated by the time lapse trick.

Next, go to the date and time settings in your phone and set the time back to normal. Once you do that, go back to the game and you’ll be able to collect instant idle rewards yet again.

Once you finish that, upgrade the Idle Rewards, then repeat the trick again and again, and upgrade Idle Rewards again and again. Keep doing this to get ridiculously rich.

As far as free diamonds go, here is how to get free diamonds. First, you must have an internet connection.

Next, go to the shop tab. Find the button that says Free Diamonds. If you tap the button, you’ll play a video ad, and then when the ad is done, you will earn 200 free diamonds.

Tap and watch, then tap and watch, then tap and watch, and load up on the diamonds. Or just tap it and set the phone aside for 30 seconds and collect the rewards.

Eventually, the video ads will run out. When they do, give it about 15 minutes or so, then go back to the video ads and watch them again. Or shut down the game entirely and then restart it.

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