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World Soccer King: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

World Soccer King is a player-vs-player arcade soccer game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play the game one kick at a time, and your goal is to beat other players in quick-fire games, earn trophies, open up capsules, and load up on coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for World Soccer King!

Control is pretty simple in this game; all that you have to do is pull back and aim. Once the ball stops at a player, the game pauses to let the player with the ball kick it and aim. Kick the ball to a teammate if you can’t reach the goal, or if you can’t reach a teammate, kick the ball to a location where a teammate would reach the ball before a rival would.

When you do have a shot on goal, careful aiming is the key. Aim the ball JUST INSIDE of either one of the side posts of the goal, and usually the keeper will miss it after diving. Aim to the side that’s farther away from the keeper if possible; if that’s not possible, then pick a random side.

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After each match that you win, you get a capsule, plus with time, you get free capsules. Capsules contain player cards, coins, and more, and while you can either wait it out or gem it out, you can also choose to watch ad videos in exchange for taking 10% at a time off of your capsule-opening time.

Connect to Facebook in order to get bonuses. If you do, you will earn a free platinum capsule, which has the best gifts that you can get, and you will be able to add friends who play the game. If you have no friends who play, invite people who you know that are into similar competition games, or go to the comments below and look for people to add. Also, you will be able to pass your info from device to device this way.

If you want to use a formation other than the 4-3-3A formation, go to the team manager and hit the arrow buttons to either side of the field. Formations require either coins or gems in order to unlock, so once you unlock it, equip whoever you want it hit Auto Equip to automatically equip the players with the highest overall scores who fit best in each position.