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X-HERO – How To Get Free VIP Points, and VIP Leveling Guide

X-HERO is a new superhero themed mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and like many other mobile RPG titles, this one has premium currency, as well as a VIP game mechanic. VIP mode allows power players to achieve new perks, and rewards people who make purchases within the game with permanent boosts even outside of whatever else it is that they bought.

Read on for a guide to getting VIP points (including free VIP points), gaining VIP levels, and earning as many perks and boost as possible in X-HERO!

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In the upper left corner of the main menu, you will see a button with a link to the VIP area, which includes your VIP level, as well as a list of how many points you get, perks, and more. Tap here, use all of the tabs on the bottom part of the window to explore the area, and find out with the VIP section is all about.

It’s entirely possible to get free VIP points in this game, unlike many of the other RPG games that use this mechanic. Be sure to login every day, even if you don’t play the game every day. When you do, go to the VIP area and claim your free VIP experience points.

The more days in a row that you login, the more VIP experience points that you can claim at once. This will allow you to increase VIP levels, and enjoy the perks of being a VIP, at least to some degree, without having to spend any money.

Now if you do plan to spend money, in general, for in-app purchases, you get around 50 VIP experience points for every dollar that you spend. This means that if you spend $10, you will get 500 VIP points, and if you spend $100, then you will get 5000 VIP points.

Not all of the in-app purchases will give you VIP points for buying them, though, so be sure to stick to purchase is that show the amount of VIP points that you will earn as a bonus. The exception to this rule is when you make a straight up purchase for gyms, because while they don’t explicitly say how many VIP points you will get, you will get a bonus.

as you get more VIP points, your VIP level goes up, and the higher up it goes, the more perks you get. For one, with each new level, you will get gifts, such as summoning scrolls, that allow you to summon new heroes, gods, and other extremely rare characters.

You will also have new permanent benefits added, such as faster gold collection, different categories of summoning, maximum number of heroes that you can carry, faster gold and experience earnings, and other modes that are designed to speed up the game for power players.

If you are going to make a purchase, then look through all of the purchases possible before you make your decision. Some of them will earn you for more value for the dollar than the other is well. Don’t just make a quick purchase to get your VIP points; get your money’s worth out of it as well.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022