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Hero Clash: Free VIP Guide: Increase Your VIP Level and Get VIP Benefits For Free

Hero Clash is one of the most popular new mobile games on the market. This RPG combines classic iOS and Android mobile gameplay, with lots of action and not too much in the way of delays, with a fun puzzle game called Save Dog that can give you major bonuses.

Another way to get major bonuses is by increasing your VIP level. VIP benefits can be acquired and increased over time, and can earn you tons of perks such as more experience, ultra rare excellent heroes and equipment, superior upgrade rewards, and a whole lot more. For the most part, these VIP benefits cost money, but there are many ways to get them for free.

Read on for a guide to getting free VIP benefits in Hero Clash!

To start, at any point in the game, you can see your VIP level in the top left corner of the screen. It’s right near your avatar, and you can find it by looking at the words “VIP“ and the number next to it. This will show you what your current VIP level is.

Tap that button to go to the VIP menu. You will be able to see that there are 16 total levels of VIP benefits, not counting with a VIP level zero, which is what you start the game at. tap the treasure chest in the top right corner of the screen to collect your free VIP experience points.

You will be able to collect your free VIP experience points once per day. Be sure that you are logging into the game every single day so that you can collect your experience points, because every consecutive day, the experience points increase. Even if you never make a micro transaction within the game, you will be able to earn VIP points.

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The main way to earn VIP points, of course, is simply to make a direct purchase of diamonite. Whenever you make this purchase, the amount of VIP points that you earn will equal the amount of diamonite that you purchase, except for the very first time that you make a purchase, because your diamonite will be doubled.

There are many other purchases that can earn you VIP points, such as the hero advance package. Anytime that a new offer pops up, look through the offer to see if you can earn VIP points. Then, look at the offer to see if it would earn you as many VIP points as making a straight purchase.

One way to earn any of these for free is to use a gift card to whatever App Store you are making purchases on. But there are plenty of opportunities to get a free gift card, whether it’s as a gift for the holidays, taking surveys, or some other method. Just be sure to watch out for the scams, though.

That, and logging in and claiming your VIP reward every day, are the main ways to earn free VIP points. Unfortunately, there are not many other ways beyond that, but if we find more ways, we will update this article accordingly.