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Hero Clash: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Hero Clash is an enduring hit mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is a refreshing throwback to the old days of the App Store with simple gameplay, a tutorial that’s not overly long, and a nearly endless amount of ways to upgrade your characters, as well as tons of different game modes to unlock. Plus, in addition to all the RPG play and earning rare heroes and diamonds, you also get to play a “save the dog” bonus game as often as you want.

Read on for a multipart guide with a collection of tips and tricks for Hero Clash!

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As you make your way through the game, you will consistently unlock tons of different heroes. These heroes range from S-tier to A-tier to B-tier. The strengths of each hero generally corresponds with their rarity, so try to fill your team with as many S-tier heroes as possible.

In addition to unlocking new heroes, you also have a number of different ways to upgrade your heroes. You can level them up using coins and experience materials, you can give them equipment, which also is ranked by rarity, and you can awaken them, where you sacrifice other heroes of an equal tier to power them up significantly.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and while the main waiter get diamonds is by purchasing them, you can also earn loads of free diamonds. One of the best ways to earn free diamonds is the “save the dog” mini game, where you draw a line that acts as a barrier to protect the dogs from swarms of bees. Each time you beat a stage in this mode, you earn 50 diamonds for free.

As you play through the game, you will unlock tons of new areas and modes. In the Home area you can unlock the Giant Merchant, Awakening Spring, Evergreen Garden, Alchemy, Spirit Tower, Union, and the Hero Statue. In the Wild area you can unlock the Ancient Summon, Trial Site, Arena, Fate Tower, Acorn Tavern, World Exploration, Hero Ring, Fate Tower, Abyss City, Hunting Battle, and Warrior’s Route.

In the Adventure area, offline income consistently builds when you are away from the game, or even when you are playing it. It takes a very short time for this income to max out, so collect it frequently so that you can upgrade your heroes more often.

Keep an eye on special events whenever they show up throughout the game, because they are frequently rotated in and out by the developers. Often these events can lead to the largest amount of rare rewards out of anything else, but if you don’t play the event before they go away, then these rewards go away as well.

Keep an eye on any button or location that appears to have a red dot over it. The red dot is a signifier that there is either something new to do that you have recently unlocked and not done yet, or there is a free reward that is available for you to collect.

Upgrading the overall power of your team of heroes is the best and fastest way to win tough battles and to get the coveted three star scores that earn you the biggest rewards. Obviously, filling your team with S and S+ heroes, as well as leveling the heroes up, is the best way to go, but how else can you increase your team power?

One way to do so is by awakening your heroes. You can do this to any hero that you have a duplicate hero card for. This increases their rarity by one, and if you awaken a hero twice, they get a full rarity upgrade, which can allow you to turn common heroes into excellent heroes if you awaken them enough.

Another way to do so is by upgrading their portraits. This is in a different tab in the hero upgrade menu; generally, a portrait will be ready for an upgrade immediately on an excellent or excellent+ hero, and then you can do even more upgrades as you battle and level them up more.

Heroes can be evolved once you hit a specific experience level. The evolution requires different materials than simply leveling them up does, but on average, the evolution will boost their statistics the same as 10 level ups well, making this a high impact move.

Not only can you level your heroes app, but you can also level up their equipment. Tap on any piece of equipment that one of your heroes is using, and you will be able to level it up just like with your hero itself. Most equipment can be leveled up five times, but excellent equipment, which is equipment with a purple background, can be leveled up 10 times.

Equipment is far tougher to come by than new heroes are in this game, but once you unlock the ancient summon, be sure to do it as often as possible in order to get new equipment. The ancient summon will require you to battle for equipment, and the battles will become increasingly more difficult, so once you hit a sticking point, level up your heroes and upgrade their current equipment for awhile, and then come back to the battles in the ancient summon area later.

You can try battles as many times as you want to, because there is no energy system in this game, so if you lose a tough battle, the solution is sometimes simply to try the battle again. You may win by sheer luck, especially if the result was a close one the last time that you played. This can especially ring true with bosses, because so much of the boss battle depends on where your characters decide to aim.

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Need a tutorial for summoning. I can't figure it out.