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Hero Clash: Full Unlock Guide – All Home and Wilds Areas, and More!

Hero Clash is a wildly popular new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. In addition to the standard RPG gameplay, as well as the puzzle gameplay, there are a ton of different areas that you can unlock as you make your way through the game. These are mostly located under the Home and Wilds tabs, and they can certainly be the source of lots of curiosity regarding what their purpose is and what you can do.

Read on for a guide to unlocking everything, where and how you can unlock it all in Hero Clash!

After beating level 3-6, you will unlock the giant merchant in the “Home” area. This shop is a new daily shop that contains goods that can be refreshed every single day. These can be purchased using either coins or diamonite.

Early on in the game, you will unlock Awakening Spring, Summoning Hall, and Alchemy. Awakening Spring will allow you to upgrade heroes to a higher rarity, which will increase their base stats, as well as increased their statistical gain whatever the game and experience level

The Summoning Hall is the main place where you can summon new heroes. You can summon using a union bonuses, schools, diamanite, and more. This isn’t quite where all of the summons are located, but this is where all of the nonevent ones are located.

Alchemy is an area that allows you to disassemble heroes and equipment that you don’t need anymore. You can get bonuses such as Geolite, Blood Stone Shards, Enhancement Stones, and more. You will also be able to level down a whore heroes back to level one, which will give you back all of the upgrade items and the money that you had previously used to level them up.

Union unlocks at level 4-3. This allows you to join a guild and team up with other players. You and other players can send each other gifts, help each other out, and engage in both quests and raids together.

Spirit Tower unlocks at level 6-5. This special area allows you to pick up two for heroes to start, and more as you upgrade it, put them in the tower, and have the spirits increase their experience level to match the level of the member of your party who has the lowest level. Once you remove your hero from the tower, their level will go back to normal, but this can give you a massive edge in fighting.

Evergreen Garden unlocks at level 6-20. This unlocks in conjunction with the pets future, which unlocks at the exact same level and allows you to add a pet to your battle party. This pet can majorly augment your battle statistics, and in the Evergreen Garden, you can unlock more pets, acquire materials to upgrade your pet with, read other people’s gardens for those same upgrade materials, and more.

The Hero Statue also unlocked at the same level, level 6-20. If you go to that statue, you can check your progress rankings in all of the battle areas that you have unlocked, and compare your rank with other players globally. Each subsequent battle area will be added here, so you can check your ranking anytime, anywhere.

The Wilds area is where you can unlock all of your battle areas, as well as many other unique side quests and game modes. The Arena and Trial Site unlock fairly early in in the game, around the end of world 3. The Arena provides access to player versus player battle, in many different types of forms, while the Trial Site allows you to fight in a tower style battle system, where a tougher set of monsters represent each floor compared to the last. Once you beat a specific floor, that floor is done with, and you can claim the rewards.

The Ancient Summon unlocks somewhere in world 4. This is your main source of new equipment, and also a good source of equipment upgrade materials. You can battle for rewards that mostly consist of new weapons and equipment, but these battles can get very difficult, very quickly.

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Fate Tower unlocks after world 4–5. You can engage in a series of battles here, and when you’re climbing the battle tower, a hero is lost as soon as they run out of health. You will also be able to make it to revive points, as well as healing points, so good hero management is key here, as is a large backup team of heroes.

Acorn Tavern unlocks at level 4-9. This one gives you a number of side quests that heroes can engage in on their own, and bring back rewards after a specific amount of time. Typically, these quests have different requirements, and the rewards can be either gold, diamonite, or other things

Hero Ring unlocks when you make it past level 6-5. This is a different type of arena that allows you to complete against other players for various titles, and along with these titles come stat boosts. Even if you win one of these titles, other players can still knock you off of your purge and take the title from you.

We have yet to unlock Abyss City, Hunting Battle, Workd Exploration, or Warrior’s Route, so we cannot yet give a definition of what the purpose of them is. As soon as we unlock and play them, we will update this article.