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Zombie Anarchy – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Zombie Anarchy is a new base-battle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Picture The Walking Dead except everyone has their own little version of the Savior’s Fortress, and your goal is to steal food and scrap, destroy zombies and opposing players alike, collect bloodstones and load up on survivors for your team. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Anarchy!

Whenever you look at your base you will see zombies wandering around outside of the perimeter. Tap them and you’ll kill them instantly. You will usually get scraps or food, but sometimes you’ll get some of the bloodstones instead. Bloodstones are the premium currency of the game, so take them for free hwenever you get the chance.

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There are many ways to win a battle, but one of the most surefire ways is to target the pile of corpses first if you are attacking a zombie base. Do this because this tends to be where the zombies spawn out of. Once you take them out, then go for everything else. When attacking humans, always go for the gun towers first, and then go after everything else when your troops are safe from fire.

There is a regular rotation of special bonus events in the game, so make sure to participate in them as often as you can. The events are one of your best chances to earn bloodstones. Daily bounties have similarly high rewards, although not quite as high as the special events.

When building your own base, always maximize the amount of defensive towers you can have for your HQ level. As soon as you upgrade your HQ, build and upgrade until everything is maxed out again, Build them away from the perimeter of the base so that they are tougher for opposing players to access.

You’re going to need to upgrade everything on your base regularly in order to make it as effective as you possibly can, but in order to upgrade what you’ll need to upgrade you’re going to need to gain player levels so that you can upgrade your HQ. Experience is typically given when you complete a building or upgrade one, so if you have nothing left that it is possible to upgrade, then follow the given missions (which usually involve battles) for experience points until you gain a level and can upgrade again.