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Juggernaut Champions – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Juggernaut Champions is the third game in the Juggernaut series by for the iOS and Android platforms. This clicker RPG features a whole host of heroes and villains old and new, including the old villain Sovering. You can collect coins, gems, artefacts, and a whole host of weapons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Juggernaut Champions!

While the game cannot read multiple taps at the same time very well, it can read taps from multiple fingers as long as they are spaced out by even just a little bit of space. Tap with as many fingers as you can rapidly tap with in order to make the most out of your tap damage. This will allow you to use the special attack more often, as well.

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When you’re on a hero upgrade spree and you’re far enough in that upgrading Hanna doesn’t really do anything anymore, pay attention to the amount of DPS that you gain per money spent, and upgrade the one which gives you the most of it. This should be your most important consideration unless your next bonus skill for your hero is a huge multiplier, as that can often send your DPS into the sky.

Once you pass level 60, you will be able to use Rebirth in the magic menu, allowing you to start back over again from the beginning. Further rebirths will be available at level 61, 62, 63 etc. For each level that you continue past, you earn one extra Mana, so stick around as long as possible if you have an Artefact (that’s how it’s spelled in the game) that requires a lot of it.

One of the best purchases that you can make with your gems is speeding up the chests, as whenever you earn weapons, they provide a permanent DPS multiplier. Gold and crowns often appear as well, and the gold will be a massive amount, higher if your DPS is higher, so spend everything you got before you purchase a chest.

When you fight against a Cache of Gold, slow down your taps because if you kill it and keep tapping you might accidentally click away from one of the chests that they drop. Let off the taps when you kill it, tap the chest that pops out, and then watch a video in order to gain the reward. The reward can be either gold, gems, attack crowns or defense crowns.