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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 1-6)

1: Jack Ratchett: use the lighter to cauterize the wounds and use the ointment to heal them. Use the pizza cutter to cut in. Staple the big cuts, then cauterize all cuts and apply ointment. Remove the rocks with tongs. Once you get back to skin level cut in a second time. Remove rocks then staple big cuts, cauterize and apply ointment to all cuts. Staple, cauterize and heal the incision.

2: Barbara Ho-tep: cut the bandages away along the dotted lines then remove with tongs, cauterize and apply ointment to the three cuts. Ointment the burns too. Cut an incision into the belly. Once inside cut the bandages and remove with tongs, then take the red syringe and slowly pull the plunger back to suck the embalming fluid out. Once back out, Staple and cauterize the wound and apply ointment. Cut in at the heart. Cut and remove the bandages again. Remove embalming fluid and staple/cauterize/ointment the cuts. Cut into the heart. Use tongs to pull out the coin. Remove embalming fluid. Deal with the two incisions and you’re done.

3: Filthy Nowe: Cut into the machine. Barbara’s Beetle will clean up most of the stuff. Use the vacuum to clean up the rest. Staple and cauterize and apply ointment to the cuts. Do the same once you’re back out to the surface, then cut in again. Vacuum the gunk and then use the tongs to pull the gold coin out. Staple, cauterize and se ointment on the cuts including the cut hiding in the background, then use the tongs to put the soda can in between the two metal lines. Secure it using the lighter and ointment. Deal with the cut, then use the brick with the tongs to break the glass. Use tongs to pull the broken glass and brick away. Place the organ in place. Color-match the electrodes then charge the organ with the car battery. Place the glass panel back on using tongs and you’re done.

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4: Dr. Bleed – make an incision. Once inside use the tongs to match the ribs. Use your index finger instead of thumb so that you can see the ribs because accuracy is required. Then staple, cauterize and apply ointment to the incision. Replay this afterward to do it at high speed for three stars. When you replay you will have to use tongs to pull out a coin from an incision at the end. Once you pull it out red blobs will spray out. Vacuum them up and then staple/cauterize/ointment the cuts.

5: Tommy Gracefuls – very carefully pull out the glass shards with tongs then vacuum the blood drops. Staple the big cuts, then cauterize and heal all of them. Make an incision. Do the same steps again. Use the green syringe early to speed the heart rate up. Once at the skin staple, cauterize and heal the incision. When you replay it, you will pull a diamond out of the lungs also.

6: Roadkill Cletus – Pull the thorns out with the tongs and seal with all of the cuts. Vacuum the blood splats. Cut in and once inside do the same thing. Cut in the second time. Pull out the diamond and thorns and deal with the wounds the same way. Use the green syringe liberally when you can. Cut in a third time. Do the same thing. Watch out for the cut in the background. Close the incision and you’re done.

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