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2048 Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

Some are calling 2048 the new Flappy Bird because it’s simple, it’s popular, and it’s insanely addictive. Oh yeah, and it’s REALLY difficult to actually accomplish your mission. Your goal is to put numbers together on a 4×4 grid, starting with 1+1, 2+2, 4+4, etc. The two added equal numbers will merge, and you have to keep doubling tiles until you either lose, or you get a 2048 tile. Sounds simple enough, but as the old saying goes, “easy to learn, hard to master”. So let these tips help you.

-Skip using the up swipe entirely when you play, to the highest degree possible. It will be FAR easier to manage your tiles this way, because it will be much easier to keep them together without having them go into seemingly random squares across the screen.
-In fact, try to avoid swiping to the left most of the time too. Just swipe down and right, and then use the left side when you run out of moves. Or switch back and forth between using the left side and not using the left side.

-Every once in awhile, especially at the beginning of the game, swipe left and right rapidly until you get a big glut of 2’s and 4’s build up. Then, start knocking off a ton of combos at once.
-After you finally get the 2048 tile, you will win the game and unlock a “sandbox” mode, where you can get higher tiles than just the 2048 one. So you can get 4096, 8192, etc.

-See the point total at the top of the screen? You get one point for every number that you add together. So for example, adding 2+2 gives you 4 points. Meanwhile, adding 512+512 gives you a whopping 1,024 points.
-The highest of the high scores in Game Center are obviously hacked. If you want to see what the real high scores are, scroll down enough to where you see the scores that are in the 200,000’s or 300,000’s. These are typically the
real high scores, and are usually made in the sandbox mode.

-To prevent tiles from being stuck across the table from each other, try to keep your highest square in one corner (the lower right corner, for example), your second highest squares immediately next to it, your third highest immediately next to your second highest, and so on and so forth.

-Another good strategy is to stick a bunch of tiles next to each other in order (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 etc) so that you can just make a massive amount of combos at the same time. Hard to do this, but it’s actually arguably the most effective way to get to 2048.

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