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AdVenture Communist – Tips and Tricks Guide: Horde resources, comrades and gold like a capitalist!

AdVenture Communist is Kongregate’s new spin-off of AdVenture Capitalist that puts you in the shoes of a dictator who is trying to maximize production of all sorts of goods, and of the people who make them. Your goal is to earn massive amounts of various resources, train comrades, unlock new scientific discoveries with your experiments, and, since there’s a little capitalism in every communist, to earn gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for AdVenture Communist!

At first, you hit the green button to earn a resource (and hold it down to earn it continuously), then you train people to make the resource for you (I.E. farmers for potatoes, miners for ore). After that, you train facilities to train the resource-makers, and so on and so forth, which is why there are so many different tiers for each industry. The more tiers and upgrades, the more the game plays itself.

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Gold is the premium currency for the game. While you have to spend real life money if you want to buy the maximum amount of gold, tap the “free gold” button and you’ll find you can earn plenty of it from the in-game offer wall. All that you have to do is do free offers, watch videos, and more, and the gold will come to your account.

Once the game begins to get hellaciously slow, reset your science experiments to get all of your science back, then spend the bulk of your science on the resource that is holding you down in the most different types of ways. This should hold you for awhile, and then when the game slows down again and you get stuck on a resource, reset again and dole out the science as needed.

To get medals, first, tap on the lower-left menu button and go to the medals screen to see what it is that you have to do for each one of your next medals. Also in the menu screen is the list of missions; complete missions and you’ll be able to add more comrades per second .

When you unlock time travel, wait until as long as possible to activate it because the more medals that you earn, the higher your bonus will be, and you can go longer without having to lose your progress and reset again. It can take awhile post-reset to get back to where you were, so be sure to account for this before you go through with a time travel.