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Art Inc.: How To Get All Artifacts and Caretakers

Art Inc. is all about running an art museum, hiring the right caretakers to protect your artifacts, and finding all of the most priceless artifacts in the world. You can collect a ton of them – even real life paintings that have been put into the game.

Caretakers can do a lot, from make you more money per artifact, to preventing artifacts from getting stolen. Read on for the guide on how to get all caretakers and artifacts in Art Inc.!

First step to getting all of the artifacts is bidding at all of the auction houses. You want to make sure that the artifact that you are bidding on is genuine, so look VERY CAREFULLY at them so you don’t lose money on a fake artifact.

If you do or if you get outbid, that’s okay; each auction house has nine total artifacts, and you can keep bidding until you get all nine of them.

However, you will notice that there are far more artifacts total than are available at the auction houses. To get these, send your caretakers out on quests whenever they offer to do some exploring for you.

Your caretakers generally have somewhere between a 40% and 50% chance of coming back from a particular location with an artifact. If they fail, you have two options. You can either take a full refund, or you can watch an ad video to send them back out on the same quest to try again. You can have them try again as many times as you want to.

Some artifacts, especially dinosaur fossils, have more than one piece that you can get. Tap on the fossils in your collection and it will say how many pieces you have of the same fossil. For each piece of the fossil you acquire, the blank spaces in the skeleton will fill in, and the fossil will be worth more money when you display it.

So now, you need all of the caretakers. They’re ranked between one star and six stars, but some are harder to get than others. How do you get them all?

Getting all of the caretakers between one and four stars is easy. To get one, two, three, and four star caretakers, use the free hire option as much as possible. Set push notifications for whenever the free option becomes available, as you can hire free ones every four hours.

The rare caretaker hire comes about when you spend 75 gems on the second hiring option. Obviously, you’re more likely to get four-stars than six-stars, but you can still get all of the four, five, and six star options. It’s even possible to do so without paying any real-life money.

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You can get a lot of free gems by collecting from your well. Every four hours, it becomes ready to collect from. Upgrade your well to double the amount of gems that it can collect, too.

Want to collect gems or do the free hire instantly? Set your phone time ahead by four hours, then go back to the game and the four hour cool-down time will be done automatically. You can do this as many times as you want for as many free rewards as you can handle.


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