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Factory Inc.: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Factory Inc. is a new idle tycoon game for the iOS and Android platform that puts you in charge of a factory, load it up with machines, managers, and assembly lines, and become rich.

Your goal is to make the most advanced products in the highest numbers possible. You can earn coins, diamonds, and machine parts for machine upgrades as you go.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Factory Inc!

Aside from the machines and the work they do, the main way to forge an object into another object is to tap it. You can tap with as many fingers as you want at the same time.

With a phone, you can use four fingers at a time; with a tablet, you can use up to eight fingers at a time. They can’t touch the screen at the EXACT same time, but close to it, allowing you to make more advanced items very quickly.

You can not only use your coins to level up the machines, but to level up your factory as well inside of the factory tab. Each time you add a level to your factory, it increases not only the money bonus, but the hammer power, which controls how powerful each hammer tap is.

You can also do your manager’s job for him if he isn’t moving quickly enough. When the yellow bar above a machine runs out, tap it and the bar will fill back up instantly. Normally this is what a manager does, but your manager, no matter how speedy they are, can only move so quickly.

Tap on the machine tab to upgrade your machines. You need to have enough cards and machine parts to increase their overall machine level; get those from the boxes in the store.

The most common box, of course, is the general box, which can be purchased with coins; rarer boxes, which cost diamonds, will contain rarer and higher-level machines, and more machine parts.

There are a ton of ways to earn free diamonds in this game. Every time you complete an achievement, you can collect a free reward. To do this though, you have to watch an ad video for every reward that you claim.

Once you unlock the sixth item in a specific collection, go to the collection page and you’ll be able to collect 30 gems (with the requisite ad video). Once you beat a challenge in the Challenge tab (I.E. reach the target figure), you’ll earn a huge gem reward of 75-100 gems.

You can spend them on a ton of things. Most importantly, you can spend 50 gems on a brand new manager by clicking on your current manager and hitting the “new manager” button. Do this whenever you unlock a new assembly line in your factory so that you can hire a manager for it.

Another good spend, outside of buying a rarer box, is spending diamonds directly on machine parts. You’ll have far more upgradable machines than you will parts later on, so with the abundance of diamonds, use this to even out the balance and upgrade your machines. 70 diamonds can be spent on 100 machine parts.

Once you hit level 100, you will be able to sell the factory. Do this and you’ll get Credits and a money bonus multiplier. If you have an internet connection, always take the video offer to add 10% to the multiplier.

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