Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS/Android): How to win without spending any money

The iOS and Android version of Batman: Arkham Origins came out even before the console versions, and unlike those versions of the game, this one is a free download. It’s a freemium game, and true to form, while it is free to download, it’s also very possible to spend a lot of money on this game, especially when the fights get difficult. It’s very possible to win without spending any money, though. Read on to find out how!

Waynetech points are the premium currency of the game, and this is where many of your monetary expenditures will go, especially if you are spending Waynetech points on new suits and upgrades. It’s too easy to earn upgrade points, though, and the suits that you can only buy with Waynetech points have equivalents of equal or stronger attack and health that can be purchased with upgrade points, which you can earn simply by winning battles, and fighting in battles that you know you can win.

Waynetech points can also be used to purchase stamina when you run out; however, you can get a free stamina recharge at any time, simply by setting the time ahead in your “date and time” settings on your tablet or phone. Set it ahead by an hour and a half when your stamina runs out completely, and you’ll get a free stamina refill.

Combine the infinite stamina trick with fighting battles that you can win fairly easily (go back to the previous areas if you want to find easy battles, especially Uptown), and you can rack up massive amounts of upgrade points. Use these not only to buy new batsuits, but to buy tons of upgrades to your skills and to both of your stances.

Having insanely high attack is nothing without having a good strategy. Emphasize defense and blocking, especially in the guarded stance. Block before and after you pull off huge combos, or if you have enemies that are counterattack-happy, block and draw an enraged attack or a combo out of them, then hit them with a combo and they won’t counterattack.

Block hits until your special attacks power up, then unleash massive amounts of them. Don’t forget to double your health boosts once you unlock the Dark Knight special move by using the health boost, then immediately using the Dark Knight attack, then using another health boost (since the Dark Knight attack immediately revives the health boost).

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