Beat the Boss 3 – How to get free diamonds and coins

Beat the Boss 3 allows you to beat up the classic boss of the first two games, but there’s more – it allows you to beat up bosses of your very own creation, so if you want to make a boss that looks just like your real life boss, have at it! Coins are the primary currency of the game, while diamonds are the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Coins are fairly easy to get. Take a weapon, attack the boss, wait ’til he dies, kill him over and over, keep earning coins. Use hearts to revive him so that you can earn coins faster. The amount of coins that you earn per shot drops gradually as you buy more expensive weapons, though, so if you really want to stockpile the coins, buy the minimal amount of weapons, and cheaper weapons.

Diamonds can be earned for free every time you gain a level that is divisible by 5. Level 10, 15, etc, will earn you free diamonds. Gain levels and stockpile the diamonds, and using these methods you can end up earning enough of them to buy a premium/craft weapon using diamonds.

Use the Tapjoy offer walls to earn free diamonds by completing offers. When you tap it for the first time, hit “no” to the popup window, and the in-game offer wall will pop up. The majority of them are free to complete, and the ones that aren’t free will still earn you a very large amount of diamonds.

Tap on the offer that says “Register for Tapjoy” and complete the registration action. After you register on Tapjoy, you’ll be taken to the offer wall on their website, which is loaded with free offers, most of which involve downloading free apps. When you run the apps for the first time, go back to the game and you will get the award compensation.

In the game itself, the longer that you play continuously for, you will start to fill a multiplier bar. The higher the multiplier bar gets, the more coins you will earn. Also, if you like the game on Facebook, the game will give you 500 free coins.