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BlitzCrank’s Poro Roundup – Tips, Tricks, Cheat, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

BlitzCrank’s Poro Roundup is a new semi-endless running game for the iOS and Android by Riot Games, better known as the company behind the ridiculously popular League of Legends. You play as BlitzCrank, the big rickety robot bearing an odd resemblance to Gato from Chrono Trigger minus the cat ears, and your goal is to rescue all of the Poros while defeating the various bosses to progress through the story. Read on for some tips and tricks for BlitzCrank’s Poro Roundup!

Bumping the Poros is going to be more and more necessary as you progress deeper into the game, because you won’t have enough time to save them all one after the other. You can drag out the bumping as much as possible, too, because if there is already a line of Poros in one row, then no new lines will pop up until after you save the line that is already there. So don’t save them right away – slow it down a bit to slow the game down.

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All of the bosses tend to have the same patterns. Watch out for their attacks, wait until they get close, then tap the screen to grab and uppercut them. Repeat three times and you win the game. Pay extra attention here because certain bosses’ attacks will immobilize you or transform you into something such as a cupcake, making you unable to rescue Poros. Don’t let any of them slip past or you’ll lose a heart.

You can earn a ton of gold via defeating bosses, especially if you go back to the beginning of the game, or to one of the earlier stages, and then play from there so that you can defeat row after row of bosses and rescue tons and tons of Poros. The more you rescue, the more gold coins that you get.

The more gold coins that you get, the more upgrades that you can purchase. Upgrades, of course, give you different variations of your character, with higher movement speed, quicker robot hand grabs, and more lives. Save up your coins to purchase more and more add-ons if you want to change your performance. Skins won’t change your performance but they will make your character look different.

Once you complete the story mode with BlitzCrank, you can then complete it with other new unlocked characters as well. They will have their own sets of power-ups. Also available to be unlocked will be an infinite mode, which promises to be a whole hell of a lot more difficult than most of the story mode is.