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Bonecrusher – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Bonecrusher is a new endless bone-collecting game for the iOS and Android. You play as a sentient skull, and you tap to move from side to side to collect bones and avoid being crushed by the pounding platforms. Your goal is to earn the highest possible score, collect coins, unlock new skulls and use power-ups to get even farther. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bonecrusher!

Keep an eye on the platforms while you tap, so that you always know which one to avoid. The one that will crush you is the one (or ones) that grow spikes, while the others won’t crush you. Tap from side to side to avoid the spikes, but don’t fall off the side of the stage. Keep collecting bones as you go.

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When you collect a specific number of bones (listed below your score), you will move onto the next level, and every two levels, the number of platforms will increase. When the platforms increase, the speed at which you can collect bones increases, because more bones will be able to appear on the screen at the same time. Tap extremely fast to move around, collect them, and then get to a safe spot before the platforms come down.

Often on the iOS version of the game, the Game Center drop down will notify you when you have completed a new goal. Pause the game and swipe up to get rid of the popup as soon as it pops up because on the iPhone, the size of the popup will obscure the platforms at their top, making it so that you are unable to see which spot is the safe spot.

You can use coins to either purchase new skulls or new power-ups. Power-ups are cheaper and can be equipped for one round at a time. Skulls are more expensive and don’t give you any advantages, but simply change your appearance. Skulls cost 1,500 coins apiece, or can be earned for free via the timed gifts.

The timed gifts only show up every once in awhile. If you don’t want to wait, though, tap on the gift button with the cooldown time on it and a video will play. When the video finishes, you will earn a free gift immediately, and the cooldown won’t change – it will remain the same. You can get free skulls, free powers, or free coins from these gift boxes.