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Iron Commander – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Iron Commander is a new strategy MMO war game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to stockpile resources, train troops and build war machines, and increase your power level to the point where you become one of the top commanders in the game. You can also join up with an alliance and use the power of numbers to defeat rivals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Iron Commander!

When a new update to the game comes out, before you update it, go to the App Store and read up on the reviews to see if the update worked. This game has had numerous issues with bad updates causing it to auto-shutdown or to get stuck at the loading screen, so if an update comes out and you don’t want the game to brick, wait for the new reviews.

Quest rewards are the main gateway to earning commander experience, but there is also a downside to claiming all of the resource rewards – mainly that once food, wood, stone or ore are added to your stash, they will be susceptible to getting stolen by other players when they attack your base. If you leave the rewards unclaimed until you need them, then there is no chance of them getting stolen.

Build a warehouse as soon as possible and upgrade it to the highest level that you possibly can. Your warehouse stops other players from stealing a specific amount of resources; the higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources are kept safe. Spend your resources as quickly as possible on training troops in order to keep resources from getting stolen, and leave enough behind so that the warehouse can protect them.

Scout out other players before you attack them. Scouting them will tell you if you have enough troops to take out their walls; if your troops and power level are not sufficient to easily take a victory (I.E. Higher than those of your opponent), don’t attack them. Find a weaker player to attack instead.

Keep a good variety of war machines on hand, because specific machines have advantages against other machines. Build the science center and research technologies as quickly as possible, sending them to your alliance for help just like you send your buildings to your alliance for help. Don’t be that guy or girl who doesn’t return the favor and speed up their alliance members’ jobs, though, or your alliance will stop helping you or possibly kick you out.

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