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War of Nations: Resource Guide – How to get more Iron, Fuel, Oil and Money

War of Nations is an innovative MMO strategy game that can best be described as Risk wrought huge. Your goal is to go from one base to multiple bases, join an alliance and work to go from the underdog who gets kicked around to the military genius who does the kicking around. Basic to all that you do in this game are four main resources: iron, fuel, money and oil. Read on for tips on how to get more of all four of these!

The first and most obvious way to get more resources is to build more of the buildings which produce each resource. Build the iron mine to get more iron. Build the trading center to get more money. Build the oil derrick to get more oil, and build the refinery to get more fuel. Upgrade them as high as you can in order to increase their output; however, you’ll have to upgrade the command center to upgrade them to their maximum levels, because each resource building can only be one level higher than the command center.

Build more warehouses, and upgrade them as well, in order to hold more of each resource. As you run out of room for warehouses and resource buildings, build more outposts. You’ll need power cores, plasma cores and fusion cores in order to build said outposts, so collect them via attacking other bases and by earning the bronze, silver and gold item crates.

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Attack other players in order to earn more resources, too. Attacking a warehouse will give you a mix of all four resources, while attacking a specific resource-producing building will give you the type of resource that is produced by the building you attacked. Each type of troop can hold a certain amount of each resources, so the more and better troops (and vehicles, and machines, etc) can send over, the more resources you can steal. Be sure to send Transports over when you unlock them (which requires a factory level of 5) so that you can hold far more resources.

Build your oil derricks on top of oil patches, and build your iron mines on top of iron patches. Building them on these spots will increase their base output by 20% apiece. There are no patches, however, for money or fuel.

Finally, you can earn large amounts of resources simply by completing the quests that you’re given in the game. You have to claim them in order to earn the rewards, or you can simply claim them as you need them in order to prevent losing them after you’re attacked.

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