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Break Liner – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Break Liner is a new endless game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to break through the white lines, bounce off of the black lines, and avoid the red lines at all cost. With each successive level comes new lines, new layers of difficulty, and new obstacles. You can even collect diamonds and unlock new ships. Read on for some tips and tricks for Break Liner!

Your main goal is to crash through the white lines and not lose on a level. Early on, there will be almost no red lines. If you hit a black line though, it will turn into a red line and you will bounce off of it. If you smash into a red line, your run will be over. If you smash through a white line, you will earn one point towards the score that you need to earn in order to make it to the next level.

As you make your way through more and more levels, you will notice new types of lines. If you see a double white line with black in between, smash through it and you will earn two points. Smash through a yellow line and you will earn one diamond. Smash through a glowing white line and the round will speed up.

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Randomly, you will see a video ad offer pop up after you lose at a level. When you do, tap the button and you will watch a video to earn 20 diamonds. Lose at rounds quickly in order to make the video pop up more often, since it pops up randomly after you lose regardless of whether you make it to the next level or not during your current run.

When you earn 200 diamonds, you will be able to purchase a new ship. The new ships don’t change the way the game plays at all, all that they do is change the look of the ship that you are using. The game will stioll play the same way, and the target of your ship will be the same size despite some ships looking larger or smaller than others.

If you want to make the ads quit popping up randomly, the way to do so is to play the game while your phone is in airplane mode. If you do this, the ads will quit popping up. The flip side of this is that you won’t be able to watch the ad videos to earn more diamonds anymore, and the ads really aren’t that annoying anyways.

You can play the game in landscape mode instead of portrait, although it’s not that great in landscape mode. All that you have to do is watch an ad and flip your phone sideways before you close out the ad, and the game will pop back up in landscape mode instead of portrait mode.