Skip to Content – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies is Ketchapp’s entry into the highly popular .io endless multiplayer competition games. Your goal is to take over squares on the board to acquire the most territory possible. You can unlock new emojis and edit the name and colors of your character, and even earn boosts to increase your performance in battle. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

You have two methods to move – you can either swipe, or you can drag your finger around the screen to play with the virtual joystick. Dragging your finger around the screen is a much slower method of character movement. It’s far better, and your movements are far more fluid, if you swipe instead, which allows you to change your movement instantly.

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Gems are the currency of the game. You can earn more gems in the game itself, or you can watch advertisement videos. To do this, go to the skills or skins screen. If you have an internet connection, then in the top right corner, there will be a button that allows you to earn gems by watching a video ad. One ad will equal out to 20 gems, and with unlimited videos, the gems add up fast.

Each time that you earn 100 gems, you can go to the character select screen and unlock a new character. There are a ton of them to unlock, so you’ll have to earn a lot of gems in order to get all of them. Each of them plays the same way as the others, they just change how you appear both on your own screen and on the screens of other players.

You can draw other players to you by moving outside of your box. Even if they are not close to you to begin with, they will start trying to reach you, making it really easy to go after them. Defensively, you can use this to throw them off of their game. Offensively, you can lure them into a bad situation and knock them off the board.

Move in squares and rectangles to easily get the largest pieces of the board with the least movement space. Go outside of your box for small periods of time, rather than large periods, to keep from getting ambushed by other characters. This will work for awhile and allow you to keep taking over large chunks of the board. Then deal with other characters eating your space as they come.