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Clear Vision 2 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats, and strategies

Clear Vision 2 (the iOS and Android app) is a brand new addition to the long running Clear Vision sniper series by DPFlashes. The game first started off as a Newgrounds flash browser game, and then migrated over to iOS where it has become a huge hit. You return to your role as Tyler Smith, the depressed beta male working stiff who soon discovers that a life of crime is the life for him. The game begins as an easy game but ends up becoming challenging, so read on for some tips and tricks!

The main premise in the game is the same. Take exact aim at someone, and then shoot them. If you miss the first time, you fail, but some of the trophies in the game require you to play all the way through without failing. So to take a failure off your record, hit “Apartment” instead of “Retry” after you lose, and you’ll go back to the apartment, and the inaccurate shot (and the failure) will completely disappear from your record.

Save up your money so that once you hit the Central area, you can buy the red den apartment that appears over there. The red den apartment will generate income for you, making you more able to buy better weapons quickly.

You’ll also open up the stock market in Central. If you go to the stock market, your best bet is to buy something that has just dropped in price (has a red arrow next to it), because if it’s down, it’s more likely to go up within a day or two, or sometime within the near future. Once the underground boxing is unlocked you can bet on fighters, but that’s more random than the stocks.

Even without making all of this extra money using the locations in Central, it’s still possible to make insane amounts of money simply by playing each round straight through and saving up all of your money. When you save up enough money, you can skip over all of the weaker guns if you want, and buy the strongest, best aiming and most accurate weapon that you can afford. Then you won’t have to worry about buying anywhere near as many guns as the game goes on, allowing you to save up even more money.

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