Combat Monsters Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Combat Monsters is a new battle strategy game for the iOS, Android, and PC platforms. The gameplay is like a cross between Magic: The Gathering and some of the many card battle games that exist on the Apple Store, such as Tyrant Unleashed. Your goal is to build your deck into a very powerful collection of cards, progress through a long series of battles that get progressively more difficult, and work your way all the way up to the hard and the challenge battles. You can even collect Rubicoins along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Combat Monsters!

Start off each one of your battles by filling up the arena with as many monsters as you can. Put some of your characters on the mana tiles in order to increase the amount of mana that you earn with each turn, so that you can continue filling up your area with monsters even quicker. You can only put monsters in the tiles adjacent to where your hero is, so move your hero around so that you can summon monsters to instantly attack opposing characters.

Each of your characters can either move twice in one turn, move once and attack once, or attack once and move once. Take advantage of this, especially if you are attacking an enemy who is right next to a power boost tile. Starting with one of your monsters on that tile, have that monster attack, then move it out of the tile. Follow that up by moving another monster into that tile and having that monster attack the same enemy with the power boost. Try to end your turns with your monsters hogging up the defense boost tiles and the mana tiles.

Don’t spend your Rubicoins on the base level chest. Save up your coins so that you can spend them on better chests, which contain better cards. You earn more than enough free cards between winning battles that you can very easily fill up your deck. Also, have more than one type of fighter in your deck in order to maximize your advantage against all types of opposing decks.

Go to the in game store and you will see plenty of links that can earn you free coins. Tap the review link, and you will get 500 free bonus coins even if you back out of the App Store without writing a review. You can also earn bonus coins via connecting the game to Facebook, viewing ads, or sending invites and having your friends except the invites.