Delivery Outlaw – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Delivery Outlaw is a new game by Adult Swim that puts you in the shoes of a rather reluctant delivery boy. You’re working for the most corrupt probation officer in existance, once who is essentially blackmailing you in order for you to keep your job, but at the same time, your character finds his work quite fun. Read on for some tips and tricks for Delivery Outlaw!

Moreso than most games of this genre, fuel consumption is a major consideration, and is something to keep in mind because if you run out of fuel, your run on a stage is over. If you want to save as much fuel as possible, then coast as much of the stage as you can because every second that you coast, you won’t use any fuel. Know when to conserve fuel and when to not worry about it.

Also, make sure to get the hang of steering using the brake and gas buttons. Pressing the gas button in midair will tilt the front wheel up, while pressing the brake button in midair will tilt the front wheel down. If you took a jump while holding the accelerator, you won’t get any wheel lift from the residual button pressing; in that case, you will have to let go of the screen and then press it again to make the wheel move back and forth. Use the tilt functions to land flat no matter what the surface is, and to do tricks for extra coins.

You can get up to five gears when you play a level. The first three are for a combination of speed and percentage of health that the cargo has left. The fourth one is for pure protecting the cargo, and the last one is for pure speed. You can get the gears over a span of multiple runs – they don’t all have to be within the same run.

There are six different upgrades that you can buy for your vehicle. You can use the upgrades to either drop the weight of the vehicle, increase the speed and acceleration, increase the power or improve the grip. Eventually, the developers are planning to add gadgets to the game – no telling what they consist of yet, but each one will be a different weapon for each vehicle.

Stuck on a particularly tough stage? Play a previous stage over and over that you tend to earn high scores on, and that you tend to earn a lot of coins on – runs with a lot of coins will usually contain plenty of high jumps for you to do tricks and will be easy to get perfect landings on, both of which are things that will earn bonus coins. A nice long run helps for distance bonuses, too.

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