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Driving School 2016 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Driving School 2016 is a new driving simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you learn how to drive cars, trucks, and buses, in as realistic of a move as you want, with multiple choices of steering style and transmission. You can unlock loads of new cars, from Benzes to Bugattis and big rigs and buses, and take on a number of cities and areas. Read on for some tips and tricks for Driving School 2016!

Before you begin a level, ALWAYS make sure that you buckle your seatbelt. You’ll lose exp for as long as you have your seatbelt off, so it’s always best to simply buckle it first. Make sure that when you begin, you use your blinker if you are pulling onto the road in any way, shape or form.

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There are multiple ways to steer, either by using the wheel or tapping left and right, or by tilting. Adjust these to your liking in the settings menu. You can also choose either an automatic transmission or a manual, complete with a clutch pedal that you have to feather properly in order to accelerate with.

Before you drive multiplayer or drive in a more difficult mode such as with a manual, go to the free play mode and experiment with them until you get the hang of it. In fact, if you have a radically different vehicle that you just unlocked, do this before you take it out on missions.

You can rack up experience either in new levels or in older levels that you have already beaten. At various experience milestones, you’ll unlock new cars. You can spend coins on them instead if you don’t want to wait that long. Tap on the Christmas present icon, then hit the Rewarded Video button to watch an ad in exchange for 5 free coins. Or you can purchase more coins in the in-app purchase store.

You can also buy any car that you want in the game by spending real-life money. Before you purchase something insanely quick, though, make sure that you get the hang of driving something incrementally faster, especially in sport mode which speeds the car up a bit. Lambos, McLarens and Bugattis, and others, are generally best for free play mode rather than the mission modes.