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Disney Crossy Road has just been updated in celebration of the new Jungle Book movie. Now, the Jungle Book world has been added to the game, and with it comes a new host of secret characters. Plus, with this update, there are new secret figurines and mascots that have been added to the other worlds of the game as well. Read on for an update on how to unlock the newest mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road!

Adult Nala (The Lion King): This is one of the new ones. To get Adult Nala, play as one of the characters from the Jungle Book. If you go too slow you’ll get hit by lightning. Get hit twice by lightning and then you will unlock Adult Nala.

Elephant (Jungle Book): To get the Elephant, complete the Welcome to the Jungle set of characters. This apparently consists of Baloo, Kaa, Bagheera and Shere Khan. Once you have all of them you will get the Elephant the next time that you crash.

Classic Baloo (Jungle Book): To get Classic Baloo, unlock Baloo first and play with him. As Baloo you will be able to eat fruit off of the fruit trees in the level by stopping next to them. Eat ten fruits to unlock Classic Baloo. You can do this over a span of multiple play throughs.

Classic King Louie (Jungle Book): First, you need to unlock King Louie. Collect 50 bananas cumulatively over the span of multiple runs in order to unlock Classic King Louie.

Bandar-Log Monkey (Jungle Book): To get the Bandar Log Monkey, all that you have to do is unlock the Wild Animals set of characters. This includes the Vulture, Flying Squirrel, Peacock and Crocodile. Once you unlock them, play again and die and you will get Bandar-Log Monkey.

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