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EvilBane: Rise of Ravens – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You get to take control of one of three characters, outfit them with equipment that’s almost infinitely upgradeable, then send them on tougher and tougher adventures and dungeon quests against enemies and bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for EvilBane: Rise of Ravens!

You can choose to auto-battle or manual battle, and while one isn’t necessarily more effective than the other on their own, the best strategy tends to be to set the game in auto-battle but take manual control of spells and special moves. Do this because characters don’t use them on their own. Use them as often as possible to inflict the most damage while taking the least.

You’ll earn equipment in multiple ways, so go to the bag as often as needed and equip your character with the rarest equipment. Check how it effects their overall stats; if you see an up arrow over the piece of equipment with a number after it, that’s the number of the overall stat boost. Otherwise, the effect on stats is either negligible or negative.

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Hit the bag area and you can upgrade any piece of equipment in multiple ways. Level-ups allow you to sacrifice old and/or unused equipment to level up your new and/or rarer equipment, for stat boosts. Limit breaks allow you to merge a piece of equipment with a duplicate piece in order to increase the maximum experience level on it.

Once your equipment is maxed out, you can upgrade or combine it. Combining allows you to merge two non-identical pieces of max-level equipment to earn another piece of equipment, the same as the previous one, but that’s a higher tier in rarity. Upgrading allows you to add a heavenstone to a piece of maxed out equipment to increase its rarity level by one.

You and your friends in the game can send gifts back and forth. Go to the Make Friends menu to add recommended friends, but avoid the ones that have not logged in for awhile, as they tend to be ones who have already deleted the game. Instead, add the ones who have been online sometime within the last 2-5 days at maximum.