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FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) – Top 10 Tips and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to the top five tips and tricks for FIFA 14! Click here to go back to tips six through ten.

5) Rack up the contract cards and the fitness cards.
Your player cards might be the cornerstone of your team, but the contract and fitness cards are the cornerstone of your player cards. Without them, you can lose players for long periods of time to injury and to simply not being signed to contracts. These cards will fix that right away, allowing your team to get going again.

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4) Work on your team chemistry.
Your chemistry goes up whenever you have multiple players next to each other who are from the same country, or when your players’ positions are perfectly matched to the positions on the field. Match the positions and the countries 100 percent, and you will have a 100 percent chemistry rating, which is just as important as having a high team rating.

3) Play the Quick Mode over and over to rack up coins without blowing your record.
You want to have the best win/loss record possible for the season mode, so that you can get the best rewards possible. However, you also need to play lots of games so that you can rack up high amounts of coins. Do this by playing the quick play mode over and over and scoring a ton of coins. Use those extra coins to buy more gold cards and beef up your team.

2) Keep on the lookout for rare cards.
Rare cards appear as a shiny version of any color card (bronze, silver, or gold). They perform better than any other card of their color, and in the case of gold rare cards, you will have one of the best teams in the entire game if you build your team out of gold care cards. Keep on the lookout for rare cards to give your team an extra edge.

1) Buy low and sell high in the Transfers store.
The transfers store is a great place to make a huge profit. Use the searching function to shop around for low prices on gold cards, and then when you buy them, turn around and auction them off or sell them again in exchange for a much higher price than you paid. Do this over and over and you can earn enough coins to do almost anything that you want with your team.