FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) – Top 10 Tips and Cheats

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FIFA 14 is the newest entry in one of the longest running sports game series in the history of videogames, and the iOS and Android versions, despite being free-to-play, are more than worth the name that they inherit. There is a TON of gameplay in this game even without spending any money, but it is definitely a challenge. Without further ado, here are the top 10 tips and tricks for the mobile and tablet versions of FIFA 14!

10) Always use the classic control scheme.
The touch control scheme is easy to use, and is great for beginners, but it won’t be long before you need to switch because of the sheer lack of control options that the touch scheme gives you. Switch to the classic control scheme for full control of your players, as well as for far more skills and tricks that become available to you during gameplay.

9) As difficulty goes up, switch from a running offense to a passing offense.
When you play easy teams in the beginner difficulties, you best bet for scoring a ton of goals is to hit the sprint button and take off. It’s real easy to run past defenders as they have no idea where they’re going most of the time. As the difficulty increases, though, they will stop any sprinting offense. When this happens, switch to a pass-heavy style of offense, because that will allow you to keep the ball moving and to confuse even the toughest defenders.

8) Switch players frequently on defense in order to stay ahead of the footballer who has the ball.
Self explanatory. Tap the player that you want to switch to when you are on defense. Tap to the player who is immediately ahead of the opposition player who has the ball. Keep ahead of them using this tactic, using the slide tackle and sprint tackle to try to take the ball from them.

7) Shoot smart in order to score lots of goals.
Don’t shoot when you are too far away from the goal as a defender will usually block the ball, but don’t miss the boat and shoot too close either, because there is usually a crowd of defenders near the goal. You can charge the shooting strength meter by holding the shoot button – charge it up about halfway for the best chance at scoring.

6) Replace all of your bronze and silver players with gold players as soon as possible, by any means possible.
Whether by card pack or from the transfers area, switch out your inferior players for gold players as quickly as possible. The quickest way to do this is via the Buy it Now option in the Transfers area, as this will allow you to search position, nationality, team, price, and even the buy it now price on players.

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