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FIFA Mobile – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

FIFA Mobile is the latest entry in the FIFA series by EA Sports for the Android and iOS platforms. The gameplay is a slightly miniaturized version of what you’ll find on the consoles, as you get to control your favorite team and earn coins, experience points and other goodies, and buy, sell, and trade players to build the team of your liking. Read on for some tips and tricks for FIFA Mobile!

Even if you have played the other FIFA games before, be sure to do the tutorial. Things are different enough in this game that the practice drills can help you get the hang of the controls. You can skip it if you want to, but if you complete it, you will earn rewards such as FIFA coins and experience points.

You can either let the game control the movement of the players for you, or take control of the movement yourself. The game is still fun if you let the game do it, as you still control passing and shooting, but the controls have a strong learning curve, and the more control you take, the quicker you will get the hang of the controls. You will also be able to try out techniques that the game wouldn’t do on its own.

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Hit the marketplace to buy and sell players. Get rid of players you don’t need quickly by pricing them low compared to similar players, or price them high if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for a buyer. Popular players or players from extremely popular teams tend to sell a little better even if their stats aren’t completely up to par with comparable players.

Experiment with different techniques in the games, and try to figure out the parameters of what you can get away with. Swipe to make a slide tackle but be careful not to take out other players too often as these will draw yellow cards and red cards. Time and space them out just right and you will be able to reap the benefits without having to deal with penalties.

In the live section you can challenge other players. You and the other players will go back and forth, and if you win, you earn extra rewards. If they don’t respond back, which is likely as sometimes the game matches you with players who don’t play anymore, you get the same rewards as if you won the match.