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Go Pug Go – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Go Pug Go is a new iOS and Android game where you control a pug who runs around endlessly, trying to avoid falling stalactites. Your goal is to go for as long as possible, to earn as many points as you can, and to earn coins for your pug. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go Pug Go!

Your character runs around automatically and changes directions automatically when it hits the side of the screen. You can also change the pug’s direction by tapping on the screen. If you tap as soon as your pug hits the side of the screen, over and over again, you can hold your pug in the corner of the screen for as long as you want.

Oftentimes, keeping your pug pinned in the corner of the screen can be a good way to avoid falling stalactites for quite awhile. You can always look at the top of the screen to see which ones are about to fall next. A blank space with no hanging stalactites will not release anything. If there is a hanging stalactite, know that it’s going to fall soon. Once they all fall, then the stalactites will all replenish.

Two things will pop up in the various levels: coins and clocks. If you pick up a clock, the whole game will slow down for a little while. Picking up a coin will simply add it to your coin total. Right now there is no way to spend the coins, but expect the developers to add a store of some kind to the game soon – probably a store where you’ll be able to purchase new characters.

Watch out for the ground to pop up and down randomly. This adds an additional challenge, and so does the varying speed of the stalactites. The more points that you score, the faster they’ll fall and the bigger variation there will be in the speed of the falling spikes, so you’ll need to focus harder to avoid getting hit by all of them.

Check the high score area whenever you want to see what the global top scores are, so that you can compete for the top Game Center score, especially if you are extremely good at the game. Only one of the top scores is obviously hacked right now, and it’s the one set by Shaky Bird.

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