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Don’t Grind – Tricks and Cheats: Tips and Strategies for High Scores and New Characters

Don’t Grind is an iOS and Android game by Laser Dog Games that has redefined the amount of detail and complexity that can be put into a simple endless jumper/Flappalike. Your goal in this is to jump around the screen, collect stars, and avoid all of the nasty buzzsaws and other destructive devices that fly around the screen at almost all times. Read on for some tips and tricks for Don’t Grind!

You can control both the direction that you jump in and the height of your jump. When you tap, the longer your finger is on the screen, the higher the jump will be. Swipe to the side as you tap in order to control the direction you jump in. The harder that you swipe when you jump, the more your character will move to the side.

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Pick up the green circles whenever you see them, with the exclamation point inside. These will contain some boost or another that will help you to get a higher score. For example, one of the boost is a power-up that shrinks you, making it easier to avoid obstacles. Use these to jump into hard-to-reach places to get to stars that you otherwise would simply have to forget about.

You can unlock new grindables, or characters, through a variety of methods, including watching free advertisement videos for them whenever the offer pops up. If you unlock a grindable, go to the grindables list by hitting play, then hitting X before the round begins to go back to the main screen, then tapping on the little googly-eyed logo next to the play logo on the home screen.

Sometimes when your run ends, you will get a video offer popup asking if you want to continue the round. Play the video and then finish it and the round will begin again. This only appears once per round but this can extend your round long enough to go for even higher point totals, or even point records.

There is only one other known way to earn points that does not involve gathering stars. That method is to get pinballed back and forth between two obstacles on either side of the screen (not the buzzsaws). The first hit will be worth nothing. The second hit will be worth 10 points, and every hit after that will be worth an additional 10 points.