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Idle Empires – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Idle Empires is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to take over kingdoms, build an empire, keep the people just content enough that they don’t rise up and throw you out of power, and – oh yeah – earn a ton of gold, gems, and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Empires!

There are a massive number of ways to increase the output of your villagers. You can do the basic thing, which is to upgrade them and to upgrade the revolutionized buildings; you can also gain the villager bonuses to increase all of their output once you unlock the census. Plus if you have red gems, you can spend a couple of them to permanently double the output of any buildings. And if you build on an empty space, one of the options is to increase your gold output for all villagers by 5%.

There are a number of ways to respond when you deal with an uprising; arguably the worst one is to blame it on your servant. Watch an ad the first few times; then, when the ad option is gone, flee. You’ll start from the beginning but you’ll start with alien credits, then you’ll go to the future, where you can use the alien credits to buy boosts, chests, and other goodies. You’ll be able to do anything from boosting gold per tap and per second to boosting your troops’ attack and defense.

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You have to beat the enemy’s militia, or other villains such as orcs, in order to advance forward, but if you choose to, you can wait until another time to fight them, especially if you want to drop your unrest first. If you’re at an early-enough point in the game, the pizza delivery guys will drop your unrest a significant amount so that you can simply grind until they appear. Later on, they won’t drop enough to put a dent in it.

If you want to get some free gems, go to the store, then go to the gems area and scroll all the way to the right. A Tapjoy offer wall will be there, with some videos and other free offers. Read what you have to do in the pop up before you go through with an offer, because if you don’t follow every direction you won’t get the reward. You can get away with entering a fake email in some of the offers.

Make the best use of your blank spaces and your priest/wise man/etc by waiting as long as possible to bribe them. The earlier on you are in the game, the easier it will be to get rid of unrest, so wait until the unrest becomes more difficult to get rid of to use them.