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Dunk Nation 3×3 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dunk Nation 3×3 is an innovative new MMO basketball game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can create a character and play either in single-player or play against another player, or with other players in a six-player matchup online. You can upgrade your character and switch around their repertoire of moves, as well as earn coins and gems, and unlock new players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dunk Nation 3×3!

In this game, playing defense is a lot easier than playing offense, but it’s something that the AI especially neglects in career mode. Jump, block shots, catch rebounds, and try to steal the ball. Even if the other team tries to fire a three-pointer, a well-timed jump can allow you to swat the ball away and knock it to your team.

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In the beginning, your character will be a lot worse at shooting than your teammates will be, especially if you pick the center, and whether or not your shot makes it is randomized and is mostly based on your stats rather than where you shoot from. If you can’t get off one of your special skill shots (which have a much higher chance of landing), then focus on defense; however, open shots will have a much better chance of making it in, so if you have an open shot, take the shot.

Upgrading your player only requires coins. To upgrade your player, go to the player menu and hit the plus button next to their experience level. If you have a drink that you can spend on them, then you can level them up instantly. Their level cannot exceed your account level, though. Once they hit level 10, you’ll be able to use the train option to upgrade their letter grade, and thus all of their base stats.

If you want to unlock a brand new player, though, go to the Sign menu and sign one of them for either coins or gems. They cost a LOT of coins or gems, so you’re going to have to grind for awhile or make an in-app purchase in order to be able to afford them. You’ll earn the most coins, at least early on, by collecting your event rewards – this includes even things such as login bonuses. Participate in as many events as possible to earn a ton of goodies.

Get familiar with not only what all of your skill buttons do, but how to activate each of the special skills that you have equipped. They can all be activated by pushing the standard buttons, but you have to be in a specific position on the court to activate the special skills.