Idle World: Evolution – List of Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

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Idle World: Evolution is a new “unofficial” Pokémon game that currently exists only in the iOS platform, although it might be on Android under a different name. This is an idol RPG featuring loads of Pokémon, especially the originals from the first 150, and allows you to collect and battle massive amounts of them.

Like most mobile RPG‘s, you can find a lot of rewards in this game, but one of the best in the rarest ways to earn rewards is through the use of gift codes. Gift codes are exchange codes that you can enter and redeem for prizes in the appropriate menu. The developers give them out for promotional purposes or to solve problems with in-app purchases.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to get more of them, and how to redeem them in Idle World: Evolution!

To redeem a gift code, first, you have to make it through the tutorial, but the tutorial is actually very short, so he will be able to enter gift codes extremely quickly. Once you do this, first, tap the menu button.

Inside of the next menu will be another button that says “gift code“. Tap that button and you will be able to enter a gift code. Now, confirm it, and collect your rewards.

So how do you find new gift codes for the game? The first place to start looking is on the official social media channels for the game, but considering the nature of this game, you might not find much beyond a Facebook page. Still, take a look around, and when you find a social media channel, scroll up and down the field looking for codes.

Another great source for gift codes, and one that many players don’t often think about, is the review section of the app download page on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Go here, look at the reviews starting with the newest reviews first, and look to see if any players have posted codes that they have found. If you have a code and you don’t see it here, or you just don’t wanna bother checking, then post it in a review.

Look for a Subreddit for this game, or just look for the Pokémon Subreddit in general and see if anybody is discussing counterfeit games. If there are any threads, then look through them and see if somebody has posted gift codes, or try asking about the gift code yourself to see if someone else has one.

Because this is a pretty popular download, videos should start popping up fairly rapidly on YouTube and Twitch. Streamers and video content creators often times get codes quickly, especially for promotional purposes, and they get them way before websites deal. So check on YouTube and streaming services, and in the comments sections, to see if you can find gift codes.

Another great source that you should make sure to check out is the comment section of any one of the pages listed above, whether it be the Facebook page, any YouTube video that you might find, or Instagram, or even Twitch. Players often post all over the place about the game, so even if the topic of the original post is not codes, you will often find players asking for codes or posting new ones.

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Right now, there are no gift codes available for this game, which is understandable considering that this game is a brand new release. That’s not going to be the case forever though. Expect the developer not only to update the game, but to post new gift cards along with each update, and for promotional purposes.

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