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Lightning Fighter 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Remember those great arcade Neo-Geo shooters where you could power up your shots so much that they filled the entire screen? Well, that’s kind of what Lightning Fighter 2 is like. You get to play with the Lightning and a whole array of other fighter jets, go through different stages, earn power ups and coins, and battle against boss ships that have even more firepower than you do, yet seemingly have no ability to aim. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lightning Fighter 2!

Even though there is so much going on at all times on the screen, one thing always appears over everything else: the enemy’s shots. Concentrate your focus on avoiding enemy fire by focusing on it and maneuvering around it. You’ll find it far, far easier to beat each level while you are doing this, and even to beat the boss characters.

Each ship has three different types of shots it can fire. Before you buy a ship, go to the Fighter Select screen, scroll to the fighter that you are considering, and let the demo play for about 30 seconds, and you’ll see all three shot types fire in succession. Each one represents that particular shot at full power, which consists of powering up the same shot three times.

Generally, your time will go far more easily if you pick a shot that either auto-targets enemies, or that sprays over the entire screen. For example, with the Lightning, the blue power-ups will spray lasers all over the screen, while the green power-ups enable homing missiles which automatically aim at any enemy that shows up on the screen.

Collect the coins which pop up on screen, or else they won’t be in your possession – just don’t get yourself hit by an enemy round while you are doing it. Small medals are worth one coin, while big ones are worth ten coins.

Power ups can be tempting, especially for difficult stages. Try to save as much money as possible so that you can buy the real good stuff, such as new planes. However, don’t hesitate to buy a power up or two when you just can’t beat a stage.

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