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Marvel Future Fight – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

Marvel Future Fight is a new role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features loads of levels that are reminiscent of Final Fight but in 3-D, and you can collect a large number of superheroes and multiple uniforms for said heroes. There are also a nearly endless amounts of ways to upgrade them, making them extremely powerful. Read on for some tips and tricks for Marvel Future Fight!

There is a nearly endless amount of combinations that you can make organizing your team. Try all sorts of different layouts in order to maximize your team bonus. You can earn up to three team bonuses at a time, and they are worth it even if the heroes that you pick or a little bit weaker to start out with. You can always upgrade and level them up later.

A quick way to level up heroes and bring them up to snuff is to go back to levels that you have beaten already and beat them again. The auto – fight option will already be activated for you, and when this is activated, the game will do all of fighting for the remainder of the stage and you won’t have to do anything. Use this option to make it easy to farm for gold and experience points, as well as for other goodies such as ISO-8.

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Make sure to play Marvel Future Fight on your PC or Mac in order to maximize your progress. Simply link up the account with the one that you have already set up for your phone or tablet. Then you can play more, even when you want to put your phone down.

In addition to leveling up your heroes, you can also rank them up. You need to biometrics in order to do this. Once you collect the full load of biometrics for a specific, you will be able to rank them up in the team menu. In addition, you may also upgrade your heroes using Norn Stones for an extra large boost in statistics. Make sure to do these upgrades early and often to prevent yourself from getting beaten by difficult stages early on.

A great way to earn more gold and more biometrics, as well as more gear is to go to the elite stages. You will unlock the elite stages once you complete all of the normal stages of a specific world. These are generally extra difficult to beat, but they will provide extra lucrative rewards for doing so. Do the same farming trick here with elite stages that you have already beaten, using the auto play in order to beat the stage automatically for big rewards.

Crystals are the premium form of currency in this game. While the best way to earn crystals is to purchase them, there are plenty of ways to earn free crystals. You can earn them as rewards for completing specific missions, but also for completing achievements. These, in addition to other goodies such as rare superheroes, may also be earned by ranking high in the arena against other players.