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MLB Clutch Hit Baseball – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

MLB Clutch Hit Baseball is a unique new baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to compete against other players and engage in both pitching and hitting situations, while only playing portions of the game that can have a significant impact on the score. You can collect a team full of All-Star players, collect funds, coins, and gems, upgrade the players that you already have in order to maximize the talent of your team, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for MLB Clutch Hit Baseball!

The main core of the gameplay is timing and, when it comes to the pitching portion of the game, the pitch selection. As a hitter, in addition to timing, your main objective is to hit a pitch that is within the strike zone. If a pitch is outside of the strike zone, then you’re either going to have a better chance to swing and miss, or simply to make a weak hit even if you time it right.

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You will be able to see where the pitch is targeted, so the main challenge is to time it right and swing right as the pitch crosses the strike zone. If you swing slightly early, you will pull the ball, and if you swing slightly late, you will hit the ball to the opposite field.

As the pitcher, pitch selection and location will make the difference. Alternate between fastballs and offspeed pitches in order to get the opposing hitter off-balance and keep them guessing as to the timing. Additionally, aim the pitches at the corners of the strike zone so that they have a higher chance of either being missed entirely or being hit softly and resulting in an out.

The most important part of pitching is the timer after you select your pitch and your location. If you time the tap perfectly, then you will have maximum movement and velocity and your location will be completely accurate. If your timing is off, then you will lose velocity and movement, and your location may shift.

Perfect pitch mode is a great place to practice your swing timing, as well as earn all kinds of prizes such as player fragments and experience. All of the pitches are the same in this mode, so you can modify the timing of your swing in order to hit the ball to center field, pull the ball, or hit it the opposite way. You can also switch players whenever you want to, because certain players will hit the ball higher or lower than other players.

Participate in the special events as often as you are able to. These events are time limited and will go away after a specific period of time, and the season pass will reset on a regular basis. When the season pass resets, all of the rewards will be reset, so you will be able to go through it again and earn all sorts of new rewards.

Follow the red exclamation mark logos if you want to figure out where you can find free rewards. The sheer number of free rewards in this game can be daunting and overwhelming, but if you simply follow the red exclamation marks, you will earn rewards without having to do much thinking, if any.

Use the daily targets and milestones as a way to get more pass points. As you earn pass points, you will be able to spend them in the past store, and the prizes that you can purchase include such things as new superstar players like Mookie Betts and Justin Verlander.

There are many different types of upgrades that you can give to your players. The level upgrade allows you to spend experience points in order to improve your players; your best bet here is to spread this out among it players in order to ensure that you have the best chance at using this during a game, but you also kind of want to keep this to your rare and epic players because they are more difficult to replace.

The star upgrade allows you to increase the rarity of any player, so you can even turn normal players into superstars. The skill upgrade allows you to add various skills to one player in order to increase their game.