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MLB Full Deck for iOS: How to get more Coins and free Diamonds

In MLB Full Deck for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other iOS devices, there are two different types of currency. The main type of currency in the game is coins. Coins allow you to train your players in order to increase their statistics, and they allow you to buy new player card packs so that you can always have a team full of the best players that you can get. Diamonds, also known as Gems, allow you to buy much better player card packs, as well as power up your team before a game and buy energy refills. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to earn more coins in the game is to simply play games in the regular season mode. Each time that you finish an inning, you will earn coins, no matter who scores in the inning, or whether your team wins or loses. Simply play as many innings as possible to earn more coins.

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In addition, you will also gain coins if you play against other players in versus mode, and win. If you lose, however, you won’t earn coins for playing that match. One of the top ways to earn more coins, though, is to sell the extra players that you earn when you play in the season mode.

You can keep them if you want to, but eventually, you will end up with so many of the same card that it becomes pointless not to sell them. If you sell them, you’ll earn quite a bit of money for doing so.

There are a few ways to get free diamonds. If you connect the game to Facebook inside of the Social menu, you will get 100 free diamonds. If you start adding friends, you can rack up the rewards. You earn 100 diamonds for 15 friends, 250 more diamonds for 25 friends, 500 more diamonds for 50 friends, and 1,000 diamonds for 75 friends!


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

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