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MONOPOLY GO! – Free Unlimited Dice Rolls Guide

MONOPOLY GO! is a new mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the fun of the Monopoly board game with competition against other players, similar to Coin Master where you and other players can steal each other’s money and goodies. Dice rolls are the form of energy used in this game, and every action that you take on the board requires at least one roll of the dice. Dice rolls are notoriously difficult to come by for free in this game, but we will put together a guide of all of the ways to get them for free.

While dice rolls seem to go away quickly, there are many different ways to increase the amount of dice rolls that you get in the game, without having to spend any real money. It can even seem like you get unlimited amounts of dice with all of the bonuses that you get, but how exactly do you get the bonuses and earn all of that free dice? Better yet, which rewards and bonuses will earn you the most free dice rolls in one shot?

Read on for a guide to getting as many free dice rolls as possible in MONOPOLY GO!

The simplest way to get free rolls is simply to log into the game every day. Not only will you have a login bonus which often consists of dice rolls, but there will also be various different market tabs that pop up, which are usually limited edition, and which have different reset timers. When they reset, usually free prizes will be available to you, so even if you don’t want to spend any money, you will get a set of free rolls.

Following the developer behind the game on social media is one great way to get free rolls. For example, if you follow Scopely on Discord, you will be able to get links that they post to claim free days, but if you do this, be sure to set up notifications because those links expire extremely quickly, often within hours.

On other social media channels, they may offer contests for players, with rewards being various things such as free dice rolls and free stickers. Participate in as many of these contests as possible in order to get as many players as possible.

Log into the game once per day in order to claim the daily rewards. Even if you don’t plan on playing one day, or at least not playing much, always be sure to log in and claim the rewards, because they typically include free dice rolls and they increase every day as long as you log in on consecutive days.

While you are playing, be sure to complete the dailies and the weeklies. The dailies are daily challenges that earn you a specific set of rewards, and the weeklies are a weekly version of the same thing, with even bigger and more rewards to earn. The dailies reset every 24 hours, and the weeklies reset every seven days.

Check the tabs on the right and left sides of the screen when you login. Usually, these tabs will make it easy for you by opening themselves up immediately, but you still want to double check. Many of them have instant and automatic free rewards that consist of dice rolls, and still others have purchases that you can make that will earn you more dice rolls per dollar than the standard purchases would.

There are also different kinds of minigames that pop in and out of this game, depending on what kind of special events are underway at the time. For example, the prize drop is a popular miniature game that resembles pachinko, and it allows you to drop balls down, or tokens as at work, for free rolls, as well as extra cash. Play these minigames as often as possible in order to maximize your rewards.

As often as possible, go to the market tab, and on the top carousel, swipe until you get to the free chest. Open up the free chest and free dice rolls are always included within. Do this as often as you possibly can, and be sure to set notifications so that you get a buzz whenever you have a free chest available to open again.

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You can start adding friends in this game right from the beginning, so be sure to add as many friends as possible, whether they are via Facebook account binding or not. You and your friends will be able to help each other complete tasks, such as opening the community test, and you will earn rewards in the process, consisting of free dice rolls especially.

Any time that a special event or tournament pops up within the game, be sure to play it. Not only do these plays sometimes not even require dice rolls to do, but often, free rolls of the dice are one of the rewards that you can earn by placing high enough.

Additionally, one simple way to get more free dice rolls is simply to play the game as often as possible. If you have a full load of dice rolls, there is no sense in waiting to use them. Use them all up, and then let them recover over time, and then when they’re full again, use them again.

One additional benefit to playing frequently is that your net worth will increase faster as you play more often and as you purchase more building upgrades and new buildings. At various net worth of milestones, you will unlock different upgrades, and often, you will increase the maximum amount of dice rolls that you can hold at the same time. This allows you to be offline and then come back to more of them at any time.

Even when you don’t unlock any maximum free roll upgrades, leveling up your net worth to the point where you fill the bar typically provides you with a full load of free rolls of the dice. Always be purchasing and spending, whether it’s upgrading buildings that you already have or purchasing new buildings to add to your city, or even moving on to a brand new city.

If you want to make each roll go as far as possible, turn off all of the multipliers and roll only once at a time. This will last a surprising amount of time, occasionally allowing you hours of gameplay all at once, and the rewards are often seemingly higher when you do it this way, as well.

Be sure to also collect as many stickers as you can, so that you can complete various sticker collections. Every time that you complete a new sticker collection, you will earn a massive amount of dice rolls as an upgrade.

There are a ton of different sticker sets to complete, so even if you have been playing the game for a while, you will still continue to come across new ones, and the new ones will also likely be added by the developers as they continue to build the game. Collect all of the stickers that you can so that you can collect as many bonus dice rolls as you can.

If you complete every single sticker set in an album, then you will receive an additional massive reward for completing the album. Once you complete the sticker album, there will temporally not be any more stickers to collect; however, pay attention to the timer at the top of the screen in the sticker album.

When that timer runs out, the entire sticker collection will reset, and all of the old stickers will go away, while all of the new stickers will show up in their place. You will be able to collect fresh new sets of stickers, complete sets for rewards, and complete the sticker album for additional rewards. These rewards, of course, include a very large amount of free rolls of the days.

There will always be more stickers and more rewards in this game, even if you collect everything. If you completely run out of stickers to collect for free dice rewards, and you also run out of dice, then just wait until the timer goes down, and the entire sticker board will reset. This will allow you to rack up three dice rolls all over again with the rewards.

There are also some new unusual deals that have been added to the game, such as the missing sticker purchase. This also offers you a massive amount of free days to purchase it, but it costs a lot of money, so if you’re buying it for the dice, it’s probably not worth it.

In addition to the sticker rewards, now that tokens have been added to the game, you can earn rewards for the tokens that you get. Whenever you complete a set of four tokens, you will receive a large reward consisting of cash and dice rolls. Continue completing tokens until you finish the entire collection, and you will earn a massive reward.