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MONOPOLY GO! – Guide to Earning Tokens and Unlocking All Tokens

MONOPOLY GO! is a massively popular mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the fun of the Monopoly board game with competition against other players, similar to Coin Master where you and other players can steal each other’s money and goodies. Tokens are board game pieces that resemble the usable pieces in the original Monopoly, typically are designed after them, and can be unlocked throughout the game.

Tokens were not a part of the game when it was first released, but with a relevant update by the developers, tokens have finally been added. Tokens are the pieces that you play on the Monopoly board, and are influenced by the tokens that you use in the real life board game.

Much like with stickers, you can collect sets of tokens, with four tokens making up a set. As you unlock more tokens, you will unlock more token slots, and when you complete a set, you will earn huge rewards consisting of cash and dice rolls.

Read on for a guide to getting more tokens, and unlocking every single token in MONOPOLY GO!

One of the ways to get more tokens is by completing an entire sticker album. This means completing every single set of stickers in the album before the sticker timer runs out. After you complete a sticker album, you will receive a big reward consisting of cash, dice rolls, and most importantly, a brand new token.

Continue to increase your net worth throughout the game by purchasing new buildings and upgrading the buildings that you already have, as well as unlocking new boards and cities. As you increase your net worth, you will earn many different bonuses throughout the game. Tokens are one of these bonuses, and can be unlocked with specific net worth milestones.

Be sure to look through all of the special events that are available in the game, and play these special events, with a goal being to earn the biggest rewards that you can. Tokens will become available to you as you play these special events, and they will typically only be available to the players who rank the highest or who earn the biggest rewards.

You start off the game with four token slots available, and only one token that you can use. Throughout the game, you will gradually be able to unlock more tokens. Once you have those first four token slots filled, the next four token slots will open up.

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This pattern continues all the way down and throughout the game until you eventually unlock every single token. It will always be four more token slots at a time that open up, and once you fill all of those token slots, the next four token slots will open up. This pattern continues until every single one of the token slots has been filled.

At any time, you can use any one of these tokens that you unlock on the board. Go to the menu in the top right corner of the screen, then click on tokens, and you will be able to pick one of the ones that you have already. These tokens can be changed out at any time, and while switching tokens doesn’t affect the mechanics of the game, it does change the cosmetics, allowing a different piece to bounce around the board.

If you have already unlocked every single token, then be patient and wait for a future update to the game. The developers may add more tokens to the game, including ones that haven’t been added to the real life cap monopoly board game yet. They are constantly adding new things to the game, so make sure that you check for updates.