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Heroes vs. Hordes – Best Hero List and Guide

Heroes vs. Hordes is a wildly popular survival roguelike game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can pick from one of many heroes, do battle against hundreds and even thousands of enemies, along with tougher and tougher bosses, pick from your range of equipment, and try to get through as many chapters as possible.

Unlike many other games of this type, there are multiple heroes, each with not only their own primary weapon, but their own secondary stats, such as speed and health. You start off with only one of the heroes unlocked, but using coins or gems, you can unlock all of the rest of them.

Read on for a list of the best heroes, a guide on how to get them and how to use them in Heroes vs. Hordes!

To start, go through the list of heroes, and you will notice that each one of them is ranked from easy to hard. You can completely ignore these rankings and throw them out the window, because all that these rankings refer to is the length of time that it takes to get used to a hero. Easy and medium heroes are all generally fairly easy to get used to, and even the hard ones take only a little bit longer than the rest of them.

As an example, we are going to give our ranking for the worst hero to the very first hero that you start with in the game, which is the arcane mage. There is not much learning curve for using the major, and your attack is fairly long range, but because it automatically aims, there is absolutely no shot at aiming the projectile where you want it to go during regular mob play. This makes it rather difficult to deal with mobs, although it’s advantageous for dealing with bosses other than the giant spider.

The arcane mage starts with 101 health, which is around the middle of the pack, and is much better than some other characters, such as the dark ranger. Because you use this character before any other character, there is also a chance that it already has the advantage of being upgraded multiple times, if you did that already.

The second worst hero in the game is the fire wizard. While the projectiles that the fire wizard shoot out are more controllable than the ones that the arcane mage shoot out, the fire wizard has the dubious distinction of being a second worst because it’s health is so insanely low.

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The health of the fire wizard is only 51 when you start the game with it. Additionally, these projectiles have no to limited piercing ability, so they are not very good for mobs. They are decent for bosses, other than the giant spider, but you’re going to have to use your active skills in order to make up for the lack of area of affect ability.

The dark ranger is the third worst fighter in the entire game. Just like the fire wizard, you can control the direction of the projectiles, and unlike the fire wizard, these projectiles have unlimited piercing ability, which makes them great for dealing with mobs.

Other than that, the dark ranger is the same as the fire wizard. They are both glass cannons with 51 base health, so, while its attack is extremely effective, you have to avoid getting hit at all costs, and there is very little room for error.

The third worst hero in the game is the crazy tinkerer. This hero has almost the opposite problem as the last two; its starting health is 201, which is the highest starting health in the entire game. That means that the tinkerer can absorb a ton of attacks before losing the round.

The problem with the tinkerer is that its main attack is landmines, which are almost completely useless. They have no damage advantage over anybody else’s attack, they have a small blast radius, there are placed randomly, and the rate of placement is almost completely unpredictable. Once you really spend time getting the hang of them, they can be useful, but it’s arguably not worth the effort.

Getting to the upper half of this list, the fourth best hero is the frost wizard. The frost wizard starts with 101 hit points, which is right in the middle, making it a very strong contender.

The attack used by the frost wizard is a set of waves that push out to the left and right. The frost wizard does not attack in front, but on the sides, and these attacks are excellent for dealing with mobs, but are less than ideal for dealing with bosses. Considering that mobs are typically much tougher than bosses, though, this is fine.

The fourth best hero in the game is the blademaster. This one also has 101 starting health, making it right around the middle of the pack.

Where it sets itself apart is with its attack, which consists of swinging two very long katanas forward. These do large amount of damage to both mobs and bosses, and are excellent for dealing with large crowds of characters, especially as you continue to upgrade the duplicator tome.

The third best hero in the game is the paladin, which is also the most recent addition to the game. Just like the blade master, the paladin starts with 101 health, which is right in the middle of the pack.

What sets the paladin apart is the holy hammer, which the paladin hits the ground with, doing a large amount of area damage to a fairly large area. The reason the paladin is only third place is that the frequency of attack is very slow; if the attack speed was higher, then the paladin would rank higher, potentially first place.

The second best hero in the game is the knight, which is actually the first and cheapest available unlock in the game. The knight has multiple areas of advantage, starting with the fact that it starts with 151 health, putting it close to the top of the pack and allowing it to take more damage.

Its attack consists of swinging a sword in an arc, which is reminiscent of the baseball bat from Survivor!.io. This attack is excellent for dealing with mobs, and it can be heavily upgraded both in terms of area and in damage. The only area where the night is lacking is in speed, because it walks far slower than most other heroes.

The best hero in the game, to the surprise of absolutely nobody that’s ever played, is the spirit shaman. The health is 101, which is in the middle, but the attack is where it truly Set It Off apart.

Instead of having a traditional attack, the spirit, shaman summons, three beasts, which wander around the level, knocking out enemies, and automatically picking up experience. Instead of doing any direct attacks yourself, you walk around healing your creatures. Your goal is to make sure that none of your creatures get knocked off, because they can be attacked by enemies just like you can.